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Important Update Regarding The Provision Of GP Reports

Due to a recent announcement by the Home Office, with immediate effect, any application for a firearms or shotgun certificate, due on, or after 1 November 2021 will need to be accompanied by a GP verification report.  Any application received without an accompanying GP report will not be progressed. Please ensure the GP request letter is completed correctly and submitted to Firearms Licensing. 

Any renewal due after 1 February 2022 will be required to comply with the new statutory guidance .

Renewal reminder letters will contain full details of the new process, along with instructions on how to obtain the GP letter. 

Certificate holders will need to allow sufficient time for their GP to process the report, in order to ensure they are not left in unlawful possession of firearms should they have expired. 

Any certificate holder left in unlawful possession, will also need to ensure their firearms are lodged with a Registered Firearms Dealer, or another certificate holder. Failure to lawfully dispose will result in the firearms being seized and the certificate holder liable for prosecution. 

This process has the full support of the Local Medical Committee and has been communicated to every GP practice in the Humberside geographic area.


We have recently moved to a fully digitalised Firearms Licensing Application and Online Payment process, Firearms Licensing Online (FLO).  Further information about our online payment process

The new system provides a ‘one stop shop’ for all Firearms Licensing matters by allowing applicants to apply for grants, renewals and variation of firearms licences online. This is alongside an online payment process, administered by Worldpay, via an online portal allowing applicants to view the progress of their application in real time, after registering an account.

The new online system is user friendly and will ensure the relevant application form has been completed and the correct payment fee has been made prior to the submission of the document. It also means a quicker turnaround time for the processing and issuing of the relevant certificate.

PCSO in a field talking on his radio

One of the biggest changes to the current process, will see a requirement for all applicants to provide a report from their GP regarding current medical conditions before their application will be considered. This process has been implemented with the support of the Local Medical Committee and is being introduced ahead of a Home Office proposal to implement the same process nationwide.

In order to ensure a smooth transition from the previous paper process, to the new fully digitalised process, we have implemented the change in two stages. The new process launched on 17 December 2020 and is currently being utilised used for Grant applications only.

Renewal and Variation applications, along with weapon transfers will subsequently be processed using the new digitalised process  and we will keep you updated about when this option will go live. In the meantime, we will continue to process these applications on paper.

About Firearms Licensing

Before you start your firearm certificate application read through some of the topics we're most commonly asked about, from certificate types to transporting firearms.

Medical Reports

Before you make your application, you will need to request your own GP Verification report prior to submission.  Applications cannot be accepted without a GP Verification report.  Please complete the GP request letter and submit it to Firearms Licensing.   

Once you have received confirmation, you will still need to complete your application via our online portal ensuring you have made the correct medical and criminal declarations including diagnosis of a relevant medical condition.  (Please refer to Chapter 12.26-12.28 of the Home Office Guide on Firearms Law).

The GP Verification report request will also be sent with renewal reminders.

If you’re ready to begin your application to apply for a firearm or shotgun certificate you can do so via our portal.   

Obtaining a GP Report prior to submitting your application 

The following advice is offered for any applicant experiencing difficulty in obtaining a report from their GP. 

Should you experience any difficulty in obtaining a medical report from your GP, please contact the practice in the first instance and try to resolve the matter. Remind them, that this is a policy fully supported by both, the BMA and the Local Medical Committee.

If your GP is still unwilling to provide the report, there are other medical providers who can assist. Medcert UK are one such company and more information can be found on their website.

Other companies who provide a similar service are, Shoot Cert, Firearms medicals and Firearms Medical Report. Details of whom can be obtained from a simple web search.

Which certificate do you need?

To find out which certificate you need take a look at the table below to see how the characteristics of a gun, not its name, define the certificate.

Chart showing licences requiredThere are circumstances where a certificate is not required.  Please refer to Chapter 6 of the Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law

Good reason

If you are applying for a Section 1 firearm certificate, you are required to provide a good reason for your application, either written authority from a land owner or authoriser to shoot on private land or full membership of a Home Office Approved Target Club.  The form may be used to confirm your good reason if required.  

Certificate approval and prohibited people

Police Officer knocking at the door of a propertyAll applications are subject to standard police checks and applicants are interviewed by a firearms enquiry officer (FEO) at their home address. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

A person who has been given a suspended sentence, or sentenced to imprisonment, detention or corrective training, for a period between three months and three years is prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition for a period of five years from date of release or date of sentence in the case of suspended sentences.

A person who has been given a suspended sentence, or sentenced to imprisonment, detention or corrective training, for a period of three years or more is prohibited for life from having any firearm, including air weapons or ammunition in their possession.

It's an offence to sell or transfer a firearm, shotgun or ammunition to a person you have grounds to believe may be prohibited.

Change of address

Any change of address must be notified without undue delay (Per condition 3 of the Firearm and Shotgun certificate) to the Firearms Licensing Office in writing.  Please also include your current certificate(s) on the transfer of shotguns and/or firearms form or the change of address form, if required. (Please note that this was previously one single form)

Storing and transportation of shotguns

Firearms and shotguns must be stored within a suitable cabinet.  Ammunition for Section 1 firearms must be separately secured within a suitable ammunition box or separate lockable compartment of a firearms cabinet.  Find full details within the firearms security handbook

Requesting a replacement certificate

If you misplace your certificate, please forward a cheque or postal order for £4.00 payable to PCC for Humberside with a covering letter.  A new certificate with a new number will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Explosives applications

To find out what type of explosive application you require, please see the table below.  Further information can be found within the explosives regulations legistlation.

Details outlining the type of explosives application required
Intended usage Certificate type Application form

Re-enactment.  Black powder
Unused handed back at the end of the day

Explosives – Acquire Only Please complete Parts A
and B
Muzzle loading firearms –
intending to store up to 15kg
Explosives – Acquire and Keep

Please complete Parts A and

Reloading Section 1 ammunition –
intending to store up to 15kg
Explosives – Acquire and Keep

Please complete Parts A
and C

Blasting / Quarries - 
intending to store up to 2000Kg

Explosives - Acquire and Keep

Explosives Store Licence

Please complete application for an Explosives Certificate 

If the net quantity of explosives stored including ammunition and powders is more than 15kg, an explosives store licence may be required.  Please contact Firearms Licensing if you are unsure.

If you are intending to store more than 2000kg of explosive materials, please contact the Health and Safety Executive.  You can find their contact details on their website

Registered Firearms Dealers

A Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD) certificate is required to buy or sell firearms and ammunition by way of trade or business.  Applications should be made to the Firearms Licensing Unit in which the RFD premises is located.  If your RFD has premises in more than one police area, an application should be made to each force.

Applications cost £200, are valid for three years and should be submitted with a medical report only if the applicant is not the holder of a valid shotgun or firearm certificate.  All RFD premises are subject to an annual inspection by a Specialist Firearms Enquiry Officer

Complete an application form to apply for a Registered Firearms Dealers (RFD) certificate.  

If additional premises in the same force area are added during the life of an RFD certificate, you can apply for an Additional Place of Business.  This is not required if adding additional premises as part of a renewal application. 

Section 11(6) (Clay Pigeon) exemption

A Section 11(6) Clay Pigeon exemption is required if you are intending to allow non-certificate holders to participate in an organised shoot involving clay pigeons.  Applicants should ensure a minimum safety distance of 275 yards in all directions in which shooting will take place and should submit a copy of their third party liability insurance minimum £2,000,000.

Applications can be made by completing the application form, which should then be submitted to the Firearms Licensing Unit where the site/event will take place and an inspection of the site will be conducted by a Specialist Firearms Enquiry Officer.  

Home Office Approved Target Clubs

Officer in the countryside looking through binoculars

All applications for the approval of Target Clubs are made to the Home Office.  Once an application is made, it will be forwarded to the Police for the necessary enquiries.  If the club intends to own its own firearms, the application will be forwarded to the local policing area where they are stored.  If the club has no storage facilities, the application will be forwarded to the Police area where they club is located.

Home Office approvals are currently valid for six years.  Find out more information and details of how to apply to be a Target Club

Section 5 Authorities

To hold or deal in prohibited firearms, ammunition or component parts including heritage pistols under section 7(3) of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 and weapons for private maritime security companies, an application must be made to the Home Office.  This application will then be forwarded the Firearms Licensing Unit for enquiries by a specialist Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO)

You can find more information and details of how to apply for a Section 5 Authority

Museum Licences

To display or store any type of firearm or ammunition for exhibition purposes, a Museum license is required.  This application will then be forwarded to the Police Firearms Licensing Unit for enquiries by a Specialist Firearms Enquiry Officer.

Under a Museum Licence you can only exhibit or store prohibited weapons and ammunition.  If you wish to transfer or loan an item to another museum, a Section 5 Authority is required.

Find out more information and details of how to apply for a museum permit

Online Payment Process

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We aim to process refunds within 10 working days from date of receipt.

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