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Insp Philip Hinch
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Sgt 1444 Neil Taylor
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PC 1294 Alex Collins
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PCSO 7594 Allison Munro
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PCSO 7705 Darren Bainton
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PCSO 7774 Hazel Crosse

Community Alerts

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Sunday, 18 Jan 2020 17:19
Humberside Police
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Sunday, 18 Jan 2020 14:07
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Wednesday, 14 Jan 2020 14:29
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Wednesday, 14 Jan 2020 08:47
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Monday, 12 Jan 2020 16:28
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RISE: HONDA 250 Stolen during burglary (Humberside Police)

Saturday, 3 Jan 2020 12:34
Humberside Police
Vehicle crime

What's Happening In Your Area?


Retail Crime – South West Holderness  
Historically we have seen a spike in this area of crime at this time of the year. Hedon specifically has seen a rise in shop thefts and the team will be patrolling the town centre as part of OPERATION YULETIDE which is our annually proactive patrolling of the retail hot spot areas. As part of shop watch officer’s work with businesses to reduce opportunities for criminals to commit thefts. 

Larger Commercial businesses have also been targeted. I would ask that if any of you see anything suspicious and I include vehicle details in this please let us know. Hedon in particular has many small retail outlets and crime at anytime of the year is financially and emotionally impactive, even more so at Christmas. The Holderness region has some of the most reductive crime prevention tools such as CCTV pleases be assured that with partnership help we will catch these offenders. Any intelligence regarding this issue can be submitted by calling Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 or Humberside Police 101.

Updates -   Officers have and will be patrolling hot spot areas this month. We have received kind feedback already, we known that you appreciate the reassurance of seeing an officer patrolling the streets. I will share the results of our crime reduction measures next month.      

Poaching – South West Holderness  
Operation Galileo is in full process and is the Forces response to the annual issue of poachers. The area is a vast terrain and the challenge for specialized officers is to tactically pinpoint the hotspot locations where these poachers are committing cruel offences such as hare coursing. We are developing an intelligence picture of repeat offenders however it is your help that we require if we are to make a further difference. If you see a vehicle in a field that looks strange or a group of individuals on land with dogs then please telephone the Police. We may not get to all of these offenders however with the community’s help we can reduce the opportunities for poaching. If anyone would like any further information about our work in this area of crime then please contact your local policing team 
We have had success in prosecuting individuals before and I will share any results in the future. Remember wildlife needs to be respected I know from speaking to rural communities that this is something that you want at the forefront of our agenda. 

Can I thank everyone who was present at the recent Farm watch meeting, some useful ideas were shared and will be implemented.        

This is an area of crime that has seen local media attention across the region. We have received reports that individuals are cold calling claiming to be part of a legitimate organizations. Please remember under most circumstances Business and Organizations will let you know if they are canvassing or selling in the area. If you are unsure about an individual you don’t have to open your door and please telephone ourselves. Always ask for identification and a telephone contact. The best practice is if you think something is wrong telephone the Police. 
The same applies to telephone callers. Never give any personal details or financial information over the phone if you suspect the callers intent.

Officers have held surgeries about Fraud throughout the region, it is an area that we will revisit. Remember Neighborhood watch is a reductive tool, sharing information and intelligence to ensure that these cunning manipulative individuals are thwarted and caught.

Community Road Watch Hedon 
We know that from speaking to the local residents that there are concerns about the volume and speed of traffic coming through the village and into Hedon. The traffic lights are a good calming measure however this can also cause huge tailbacks. 
This month the team will be working to promote safer driving in the village. Speed cameras have been successfully deployed in the area over the last few months.      
Speeding kills please slow down. The region is having success in employing traffic calming measures. Different locations have hotspot areas. We will work with partners to reduce the number of collisions through speed cameras and poster campaigns. This includes drink-driving, please report anyone you suspect of driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs. For any further information please visit your local station.


Officers have been visiting householders in the HEDON area and have been providing practical crime prevention advice. One of our well connected officers has managed to obtain a number of crime prevention tools which we have been handing out. These visits are essential as traditionally we have experienced a spike in acquisitive crime at this time of the year. Even more of a reason to form or join a neighborhood watch or focus group for your area.    


Last Updated 3 Jan 2020

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