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Insp 2155 Craig Leitch
Insp 2155 Craig Leitch
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Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
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PC 21 Steve Parsons
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PCSO 7519 Shane Moody
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PCSO 7633 Kevin Horsfall

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What's Happening In Your Area?


Silver Street, Barnetby Le Wold

Silver Street sits within the village of Barnetby Le Wold, the street leads to the local Park and Village Hall. The area is made up with predominantly terraced dwelling that are either privately owned or privately rented there are no social housing properties on this street.

Calls to the police are higher for Silver Street than any other street in Barnetby as such Silver Street has been identified as a priority location for the Brigg & Wolds NPT. Some of the issues identified by Brigg & Wolds officers are Drug dealing and Drug use, Public Order Offences, Nuisance and Illegal use of motor vehicles, Anti-Social Behaviour. 


:Work with, and support the relevant partners to ensure a safe environment of all those living in and those visiting the area.
:To provide public reassurance as well as reduce the opportunity for crime and disorder through the effective deployment of police resources.
:Working with partners, stakeholders and local communities to minimise disruption to the local community.
:Maximise opportunities to secure information and intelligence in relation to any incident that is a police matter.
:Maximise opportunities to secure evidence in relation to any potential offences whilst ensuring that the timing and scale of any police action or intervention mitigates the risk of problems escalating.

Police Powers                                                         

Section 34 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014: Authority to use section 35 Dispersal Powers. Officers will need to request that a Police Inspector puts this authority in place in order for a Police Constable or Police Community Support Officer, in uniform to exclude a person from an area for a period up to 48 hours (some restrictions do apply)

Community Protection Warnings & Community Protection Notices (CPN) is part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, It can be issued to anyone over the age of 16 for behaviour that is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality; persistent or continuing in nature; and unreasonable.

Using a Motor Vehicle in a Manner Causing Alarm, Distress or Annoyance: Section 59 and 60 of the Police reform Act 2002, Police (retention and disposal of motor vehicles). A Police Constable or Police Community Support Officer in uniform can issue a warning to the driver as well as the vehicle in question which will last for 12 months. If the driver or vehicle commits an offence under section 3 Road Traffic Act 1988 (careless and inconsiderate driving) and/or Section 34 (prohibition of off-road driving) for a second time then the vehicle that is being used will be seized by police. At the same time a fine can be issued to the driver.

The power to seize a motor vehicle (No Driving Licence/Uninsured): Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988: A Police Officer in uniform may seize any motor vehicle if the officer has reasonable grounds for believing that the vehicle is or was being driven by a person who doesn't hold a valid licence for that class of vehicle or is uninsured for use by that person. All persons using a motor vehicle on a road or other public place must have insurance and a driver's licence. The police can also issue a fine for either of the above offences taking place.



School Engagement

Brigg & Wolds NPT officers will be regularly engaging with schools within the Brigg area to identify those students and families who are deemed as vulnerable and those students and families that require additional support to steer their behaviour away from Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour.


  • Engage with the Brigg School on a regular Basis
  • Support Schools as part of thier Early Help Meetings
  • Information share so students and their families can be better supported and protected


What we did in September 2021

Here is a snap shot of some of the things officers from the Brigg and Wolds Ward Neighbourhood Policing Team have been up to during the month of September 2021

Since the release of some of the COVID restriction Brigg has seen an increase in shop related thefts. Brigg & Wolds Officers have been working with local shops, collecting CCTV, gathering evidence and supporting collegues in apprehending the offenders and bringing them to justice. On 14th June prolific shop lifter was sentenced to 8 weeks in prison for 14 shop thefts including from Brigg Tesco. Brigg & Wolds NPT were instrumental in gathering the evidence and coordinating the investigation.

School Children have been on their summer holidays as such we have increased our patrols in and around the areas of our local parks, we have been engaging with young persons ensuring they are keeping themselves safe and challenging those whose behaviour falls below what is expected of them.

We have been supporting victims of burglary as part of Operation Gallant.

Officers have been patrolling a number of 'hotspot' areas were calls for service would identify areas as most in need of police attention. We have been conducting patrols in the areas of Pebbly Beach in South Ferriby, Mill Lane in Brigg, Atherton Way in Brigg, Brigg Recreation Ground, Middlegate Lane, Bridge Lane in Horkstow and Brigg Donky Park, River Ancholme.

Officers have been closely working with one of our Social Housing Partners to tackle a problem family who live in one of the villages within the Brigg & Wolds Ward, options are currently been looked at on how best to resolve this problem.

We have continued working with a number of vulnerable persons within the locality offering them advice and continued support and linking in with our partners agencies so this support can be sustainable for the future.

We have been Humber Talking in the Silver Street area of Barnetby.

Brigg & Wolds officers have been conducted speed enforcement on Melton Road in Wrawby 

As part of our rural crime initiative officers on OP Galileo have seized a vehicle for having no insurance

A man in Brigg was given a S59 Warning (Road Traffic Act) for illegally riding an offroad motorcycle on land near to Western Avenue in Brigg.


What are our plans for October?

During the month of October officers from the Brigg & Wolds Neighbourhood Policing Team aim to:

Patrols will continue in our 'Hotspot' areas.

We will be engaing with the Brigg Schools as part of our strategy to identify those students and their families who may be vulnerable and in need of some additional support.

Brigg officers will be joining collegues from our other rural stations as part of Operation Galileo. This is an operation set up to tackle rural crime including Hare Coursing and night time poaching, we will be linking in with our farming comunity and patrolling those areas that historically suffer with this type of crime.

We will be engaging with our partners in a ward meeting aimed at discussing those issues that can be best tackled from a multi-agency point of view.

We will continue with our enquiries into a group of problem teenagers who are currently causing issues in the Brigg & Wolds Ward

Brigg & Wolds officers will be spending time in the Silver Street area of Barnetby engaging with residents, Silver Street has been identified as a ward priority for the Brigg & Wolds NPT

The Brigg & Wolds Pcso will be supporting victim of Domestic Abuse as part of Operation Concave.

Rural Crime Week - 18th to 24th October - Brigg & Wolds officers will be bringing the Mobile Police Station to Brigg and the surrounding area engaing with the public, will be engaging with our farming community offering crime prevention advice.


Last Updated 5 Oct 2021

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