Two buses damaged last night by youths


14 Feb 2019

Two buses have been damaged after a group of young children threw stones at them in Bilton in East Yorkshire last night.

Both incidents happened on Ark Royal. One incident happened around 7.30pm, the other was just after 8pm. 

The group of 4 to 5 boys who were thought to be aged around 12 or 13 years old were all wearing black clothes. On both occasions they ran off in the direct of Bilton grange.

A window on both buses were smashed. 

Neighbourhoods Policing Chief Inspector for the East Riding Paul Butler said: “We will not stand for this kind of behaviour from a small group of children who think it’s in some way funny or clever to throw things at moving buses.

“It is not at all. It can be very dangerous for drivers, passengers and other road users, and very inconvenient and expensive for the bus companies.

“I can reassure people who use public transport that I have PCSOs travelling on buses and have patrols in that area who are looking for these children. 

“If this group think it’s a game to throw stones and other things at buses or any moving vehicle then they’ve got it wrong. 

“We’ll be looking for them and are appealing to anyone, including their families, to come forward and let us know who they are.”

16/25454/19 and 16/25462/19 refer.