House damaged after graves kicked over in cemetery


7 Feb 2019

Following a report of gravestones being knocked down in Eastern Cemetery in Hull yesterday, we have received additional reports today that bricks have been thrown through a house window in an alleged response to rumours circulating the internet about a suspect’s identity.

Both incidents are being treated very seriously and officers are now investigating. 

Officers are in contact with the victims of today's incident. No-one has been hurt but we have offered safeguarding and safety advice. 

We have gathered information about who might be who may be responsible for this and our enquiries are continuing.

We always ask anyone to always get in touch with us first in relation to any incident before taking such action themselves. 

If you have information about the damage at the cemetery please call quoting log 545 of 06/02/19. If there is any information about the latest incident of criminal damage today please quote 103 of 7/2/19.