Wildlife and Rural Crime

Humberside Police are committed to the policing of Rural and Wildlife Crime.

What is rural crime? Within Humberside Police we have defined it as: "Any crime and anti-social behaviour that takes place in a rural location".

Our four Force priorities for rural crime are: Burglary, Criminal Damage, Theft of and from machinery or equipment and Poaching / Hare Coursing


We have trained 60 Wildlife Crime Officers (WCOs) who, along with their normal duties, volunteer to investigate and provide advice in relation to wildlife offences.

WCOs are specially trained in investigating crimes against wildlife. They will either assist other police officers or take the lead role in the investigation of the more intricate cases, and can also provide advice to colleagues & members of the public.

WCOs are able to provide support and advice in relation to Wildlife & Rural Crime, and have a personal interest in this type of work.

Humberside Police is fast becoming one of the lead forces in the area of wildlife crime within the UK. Investing in staff in this complex area of policing is one of the main ways forward to protect our rural communities and wildlife. Having 60 staff trained, who are prepared to go that extra mile to protect our valuable wildlife for future generations, is a strong sign of our continued commitment to our rural communities.

Read our new Rural Safety and Crime Prevention Guide here: