Policing is about making our communities safer and improving public confidence and satisfaction by increasing the visibility and availability of officers and staff.

During the next few years Humberside Police are looking for people to work to come and work with us.

We will be looking for new front-line police officers and police civilian staff in roles such as police community support officer (PCSO) or in our command Hub taking emergency and non-emergency calls.

All of our employment opportunities will be put onto our website and advertised on our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter as and when we are recruiting for those specific jobs.

A Representative Workforce

We believe we can enhance our organisation and the services we deliver by increasing the presence of people with diverse characteristics among our officers and staff.


Here in Humberside Police, we believe that public confidence is affected positively by the diversity of our workforce. The more diverse our people, the more possible it is for us to connect with and understand the varying needs of all the people we serve. Then, if we understand those needs, we can seek to meet them.

Fair Recruitment and Selection

Our recruitment and selection processes are entirely based upon merit. Those individuals who perform most strongly in selection are the ones who are offered positions working with us.

The most effective police service is one that can be adjusted to help anyone, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, level of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, relationship or parental status.

​The public demand for visible, on-street patrols has never been greater and Humberside Police is constantly looking at ways of reducing crime and the fear of crime. 

You can be part of making your community a safer place for all. 

There are also a host of career opportunities available to support regular officers from Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), police staff, special constables, volunteers and casual workers and options for part-time, full-time and flexible working.

Unlock your own potential and achieve your own personal goals.