Victims' Code

The Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, also commonly known as the Victims’ Code, was introduced by the government in April 2006 and gives victims a legal right to receive a minimum standard of service from the criminal justice system.

The Victims’ Code applies to a number of different organisations, including the Police, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Her Majesty’s Court Service, Witness Care Units, the Probation Service, Youth Offending Teams and the Prison Service.

The service to which victims are entitled includes:

  1. Receiving updates at key stages during the police investigation, for example, if a suspect is arrested or charged;
  2. Being given information about local support services, including Victim Support, with referrals being made in appropriate cases;
  3. If the case goes to court, being told the dates of all criminal court hearings and of any requirement to give evidence;
  4. Being notified of the outcome of a case and given an explanation of the meaning and effect of the sentence;
  5. An enhanced service for vulnerable or intimidated victims;
  6. The freedom, at any time, to opt out of receiving services under the Victims Code, or to opt back in again.

If you have a complaint about the Victims’ Code

If you feel that an organisation has not complied with the Victims’ Code, and you wish to complain, you should send your complaint to the organisation concerned.  If you have a complaint against Humberside Police, please contact us. We will listen, understand and keep you informed.

If the organisation concerned fails to resolve your complaint and you remain dissatisfied, the complaint can be considered and reported on by the Parliamentary Ombudsman.  You should contact your MP who can refer your complaint to the Ombudsman.

Further details about making a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman can be found at the address below.