The threat to the UK from Terrorism is very real. Humberside Police constantly work to ensure our communities are safe from the evolving threat posed by terrorists but we can’t do it alone. Partner agencies and communities play a crucial role in defeating terrorists and your support and vigilance is key.

The threat posed by those influenced or associated to causes advocated by DAESH (often referred to as ISIS) & Al-Qaeda remains the greatest threat to UK national security, many UK residents have sought to travel to places such as Syria to take part in insurgencies. The majority of those do not pose a threat when they return to the UK. However there is always a risk that such individuals may have become radicalised by extremists or even directly tasked by a terrorist group to carry out an attack in the UK.

Militant Islamism is not the only threat the UK faces. There are also other risks to communities in the UK which include Far Right Extremism, Northern Ireland related terrorism and other single cause issues. The security services along with other partners in the UK and overseas assess the threat to the UK and provide an assessment of the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the UK.

Current Threat

There are 5 levels of threat:

  • Low - an attack is unlikely
  • Moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
  • Substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
  • Severe - an attack is highly likely
  • Critical - an attack is expected imminently

The current threat to the UK from international terrorism and Northern Ireland related terrorism can be seen by clicking the following link; UK Threat Level.

Report Your Suspicions 

If you think you have seen something suspicious that may be linked to terrorist activity have the confidence to share those concerns. It may be unusual behaviour in a particular place or at a particular time of day - don’t rely on others.

If you suspect it, report it by visiting www.gov.uk/ACT or by telephoning 0800 789 321.

Think someone might be Vulnerable to Radicalisation?

If you you know someone who you believe is vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism you can submit information to us via email



Find Out More

Humberside Police is committed to reducing the number of people drawn into terrorism in our area, click below to find out more:


To stop terrorist attacks in the UK and UK interests overseas


To stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting extremism


To strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack


To mitigate the impact of an attack when it cannot be stopped