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Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
PC 1120 Ria Featherstone
PC 1120 Ria Featherstone
PCSO 7652 Paul Waller
PCSO 7652 Paul Waller
PCSO 7841 Martin Wood
PCSO 7841 Martin Wood

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What's Happening In Your Area?


Regeneration Area - Building Improvements

The neighbourhood priority is to use a multi agency approach to assist in ensuring the Regeneration of the social housing runs smoothly and dealing with any incidents robustly if and when they occur. 


Project is currently undergoing a test on a number of properties prior to the scheme beginning early in 2020

 Update 21/05/2020

As a communities team we are aware that due to Covid 19 this project has been delayed with exception to the test properties. We will continue to monitor and patrol the area.

Update 05/06/2020

We continue to monitor the area

update 28/09/2020

We have recieved a number of complaints about youths running on the scafolding and causing damage in the area. We have had meetings with both council, councillors and builders in relation to this to see what else can be done. We have also stopped a number of youths which have signed up for ABC contracts whilst spending further dedicated time patroling the area

Update 16/10/2020

Over the week commencing 05/10/2020 you local neighbour policing team spent a week dedicating several hours every night to the Stroud Crescent East and West area of the West Carr ward in relation to this priority. This was done by both Hi Visability Patrols and Plain Clothed officers. Over the whole week there were the 15 Dispersal Orders Issued, 10 Covid Warnings issued, ! covid fine issued, Names for 2 youths who were on the scafolding were given and then spoken to at a later time, 1 Male arrested for assault police, 1 male issued with a traffic offence report and a pedal cycle that had a 50cc engine added to it seized.

Also included in these patrol was lots of interaction with local residents and youths which were abiding by the covid rules and not causing any issues.

Update 24/11/2020

We have now completed a second week of dedicated time around the Stroud Crescent East / West area. We also extended this to properties around the Whitstone Close, Davidstow and surrounding areas which are also having works completed. Both plain and Hi visability patrols were completed which resulted in dealing with few logs over the week and a number of youths spoken to both at home and on the street. This patrol also resulted with a seizure of a quad bike which was being driven around the area on the foot path.

Update 10/12/2020

We continue to pay attention to the area and take positive action where it is appropriate. We also continue to work alongside the building company and local council to try resolve any issues that arise.

Update 08/01/2021

We Continue to pay attention to the area adapting our working methods to incidents which are reported. We also continue to work along side the local council and councillors and the building company to try anr resolve any issues.

Update 23/02/2021

We continue to patrol the area and deal with any incidents as appropriate in the area and take action with individuals as appropriate.

Update 08/03/2021

We have continued to patrol within the area of the regeneration within the West Carr Ward. We have had a few incidents reported to us in relation to YCA in the area and we continue to take relevant action where we can and it being appropriate.

Update 10/04/2021

Since January 2021 we have only recieved 10 reports of youths causing issues on the scaffolding. Hi Visability Patrols have been completed in the primary areas of this happening. We will continue to pay attention and work with our partners to try prevent any future incidents.

Update 13/05/2021

Dear West Carr Residents
on the 06/05/2021 we sent a community alert out to West Carr residents in relation to the fires which were occurring around the Bude Park area. We also noticed and were told by residents around the same area about groups of youths also causing issues not only in the Bude Park area but around the Bodmin Road area.
As a West Carr Community Policing Team we are aware of a number of incidents around them areas and we wanted to send a message to update you in the response that we have taken as a team to try to prevent some of these incident.
We have identified 23 people that have been involved in these groups in one way or the other. Every one of these individuals have been visited and spoken to with their parents present.  

We have identified 2 people for Arson and they are currently being dealt with for them offences.

We placed a number of section 34 Dispersal Orders on the area over several days to which 6 people were issued a dispersal order prohibiting them from coming back to the area for 48 hours.

There has been 4 cycles seized for being used in an Anti-Social manner.

We have issued several Fairway Letters which have also been sent to parents.

Officers have attended at Winifred Holtby Academy and done an input with years 10 & 11 in relation to the issues and there is an input due at Kingswood Academy in the near future.

We have continued with our Humber Talking knocking on residents doors signing them up to My Community Alert and discussing the local issues.

We are working with the Councils Anti-Social Behaviour team and other local partners including Fortem which are doing the regeneration works in the local area.

We have been working with shops and Trading Standards in relation to the availability of the Snap Bangers (which are classed as a firework) to prevent them being easily obtainable in the local area as these were being used by the local groups.

We have carried out targeted patrols within the area both Hi Visible and plain clothes. With the support of Patrol Officers, Special Constables and other community team.

We are also in the process of organising an ASB & Arson action days on the 13th & 29th July 2021. There will be more information about this nearer the time.
We know that these types of incidents do effect the lives of local residents and want to reassure you we are dealing with offences that occur in a positive way where the evidence allows. We are also engaging with these group to try and educate and deter them from causing these types of issues. As a community policing team we have started to build relationships with individuals from these groups to help them in making the right choices.
We are grateful for all your support in relation to this and the information that has been passed to us by local residents and we will continue to work in the area with both the residents and the groups involved.
The West Carr Community Policing Team

Update 17/06/2021

We have done some analysis in relation to reports in relation to the ASB within the regeneratin area there have been 5 incidents reported in March, 2 in April and 2 in May We continue to engage with local residents and youths in relation to the issues with groups of youths around the Bodmin Road shopping area. Several youths have now been reported for riding their cycles in an inappropriate manner or a dangerous manner and we will continue to take positive action where we can.


21/07/2021 - Final Update

Working in partnership with other agencies we have continued to monitor the incident that have been reported in relation to ASB caused by the regeneration in the area. We have reviewed what complaints were recieved and Fortem have changed a number of ways they work to help plan out ASB, As a community policing team we have carried out numerous hours of patrol within the area, visited people who have been identified for causing ASB. At this time we are closing our solving problem package in relation to the regeneration but we will continue to patrol the area work along side residents and partner agencies should any further incidents occur.

What would you like to see Happen?

Dear West Carr Residents

I am sending out this message to you the residents as in the near future we are wanting to do a week of positive action around the West Carr Ward area and as much as we have several idea of what we would like to do we would also like to know your thoughts in regards to the type of actions you feel are needed or you would like to see on the area.

Depending on what format you see this message please reply via My Community Alert, leave a comments on the Sutton Park Neighbourhood Networks page or e-mail me your ideas at martin.wood@humberside.pnn.police.uk or text message me on 07464649404

I am sure you will have some great ideas and thoughts and we look forward to hearing from you.

Update 24/11/2020

Unfortunately due to Covid Restictions our week of positive action has had to be reviewed with a number of our initiatives that we have had planned put on hold. We continue to plan these events so once allowed we will be able to complete our plans. With have managed to arrange Prison Me No Way to attend a number of our primary school to which we will be joining them in their input (further updates to this will be completed in due course). 

Update 10/12/2020

We have started our inputs in school in relation to prison me no way which so far we have had positive feedback so far from both residents and the schools. We will continue with our other initiatives when the covid tier system allows.

Update 08/01/2021

We continue with our Prison me no way inputs at school which have gone down very well with both the schools and the pupils. Unfortunatly due to Covid and the New lockdown we have had to put this on pause but will be continuing when allowed.

Update 23/02/2021

Whilst still in Covid regulations we have put our plans for some of our initiatives on hold further updates will follow in due course.

Update 08/03/2021

We have planned a number of Multi Agency Surgeries to make us more available for the residents of the West Carr Ward please see our main web page for the locations of these. We continue to assess if we are able to start some of our planned initiatives.

Update 10/04/2021

Street Surgeries have been planned for the area for dates and time please see below...

Update 25/05/2021

Our Surgeries have now started and we are putting a Fire Initiative at the moment which will be taking place 13th and 29th July 2021... stay tuned for more information

Update 17/06/2021

Nothing new - planning still occuring for our fire initiative days


Update 21/07/2021 -

On 13/07/2021 several agencies came together, Local Councillors, Fire service, Council, Police and Fortem Builders came together to complete a fire initiative on several streets around the West Carr area. We knocked on 388 doors in the area in relation to 55 residents have taken up fire safety checks from the fire service. There is another day planned for 29/07/2021.

Good News Story - Prison Me No Way -

PC 1120 Featherstone the Neighbourhood Beat Officer for the West Carr Ward has been working with Prison Me No Way Scheme in relation to inputs which have taken place within the schools on the West Carr Ward, This is now to be rolled out to other schools, for the full story please click on the below link...


Update 17/06/2021

PC Featherstone is continuing to deliver this and is hopeful in expanding it to more schools

Last Updated 21 Jul 2021

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