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Your neighborhood policing teams are still providing high viability patrols in the town centre through out the national lockdown. Please adhere to the governments advice

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If you go out, stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times
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Do not meet others, even friends or family.

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Insp Richard Mirfin
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Sgt 2125 Shane Jackson
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What's Happening In Your Area?


Shop Theft – Scunthorpe Town Centre


In January we visited our top 3 stores to meet with managers and discuss our plans for the year. We also built a case for a court order against a well known shoplifter to keep them out the High Street. We are glad to see that reports of shop theft have fallen 20% in the four months to December compared to the same period in 2018.

Our other work on shop theft:

- We brought extra police patrols to the High Street area over the festive period as part of Operation Yuletide. Shops were very positive about the increase in policing at their busiest time of year. A number of suspected shoplifters were arrested during the operation.

- Our pilot evidence packages have now been used in 10 reports and led to 9 people being charged with shop theft. This month we have visited out top 3 stores for feedback on the pilot of our evidence packages. The security guards using the packages tell us that it is much quicker for them and is saving them time so they can be out front in their stores keeping shoplifters away. Our top 3 shop theft locations are using "fill-in-the-blank" statements and evidence labels so they can get evidence together as soon as a shop theft has taken place;

- We are in the process of signing up store managers to My Community Alert so they can get updates on what is going on in their area;

- We have visited West Yorkshire Police to learn about some of the cutting edge tactics they are using to reduce shop theft in their area;

- Working with managers from the 10 most impacted stores to design out crime. We have been really encouraged by many of our Town Centre retailers taking proactive action to mitigate their risks;

- The ShopWatch scheme is being changed to focus on preventing crime and disrupting or deterring offenders;

- Officers are completing regular patrols around the Town Centre - both in highly visible uniform and also plain clothes. Our patrols are also taking place with partner agencies to provide a comprehensive approach to tackling local issues;

We have seen some positive results with a number of offenders being prosecuted - you can read more here

Sex Work – West Street


Operation Perak, our response to sex work in Scunthorpe town centre, has led to 5 punters being dealt with by police in January & February for soliciting sex work. We also conducted a door to door survey in January which showed 72% of residents feel safe in the area, up 4% from last year. Confidence stayed the same at 89%. The three biggest issues were noise, anti social behaviour and sex work. Around 1 in 5 residents said they have no issues. 77% of West Street and Wells Street answered our survey. Patrols are taking place on a daily basis to disrupt sex work and detect punters.

What else have you done about this?

- We have been working with North Lincolnshire Council and The Blue Door to set up a new key worker to provide outreach to engage vulnerable women who sex work in this area. This key worker will make sure that agencies are working together to support these women.

- We have issued 11 Community Protection Warnings to punters who had tried to obtain the services of sex workers in this area.

- Overall we have dealt with over 27 punters by interview or letters to the registered keeper of their vehicles;

- 9 cruiser letters have been sent to cars suspected of attempting to pick up sex workers;

- 16 people have been interviewed on suspicion of attempting to obtain the services of a sex worker;

If you have any information about this, please contact us through the 101 number or alternatively, by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) to remain anonymous.

Youth Anti Social Behaviour – Vue Cinema & Frodingham Road


We continue to tackle youth related anti social behaviour on the ward. Call regarding ASB in the Fenton Street area of town have dropped dramatically after letters have been issued to parents of youths causing a nuisance. This area will continue to be monitored in the coming months.

Our plan is to:

- The team have sent out 38 warning letters, warning young people to stay out of an area they have been causing anti social behaviour in for 28 days. This has been successful as 60% of those young people have not come to our attention again. Youth related anti social behaviour reports have falled by 47% since the introduction of the warning letter scheme between October and December 2019. 15 young people were also given an extended warning and parents given an indepth visit to dicuss how to stop this behaviour. Finally, 5 Community Protection Warnings have been issued to parents and young people who have breached both their warnings.

- Refer young people causing persistent problems to the Anti Social Behaviour Panel Appropriate Behaviour Contracts, Parenting Orders and Civil Injunctions;

- Patrol Frodingham Road in the evenings to prevent and disrupt anti social behaviour;

- As part of Operation Topaz, our response to ASB around Halloween and Bonfire Night, we had two weeks of intense patrolling in the Vue Cinema and Frodingham Road areas. We undertook 3 patrols with a outreach youth worker, who was able to speak to several well known young people and give them advice and support. During the operation, three young people were taken home for being abusive in public, whilst 3 young people were taken home after concerns for their safety were raised. 1 young person was also stopped and searched after suspicious behaviour in Memorial Gardens.

If you see young people acting inappropriately or causing anti social behaviour then be sure to report it to the police on 101.

Street Drinking - Frodingham Road


We have been working with Environmental Health to help clean up the areas around Porter and Percival Street. Officers have been out on foot  engaging with groups of drinkers to dispurse them and also remind them of the Public Space Protection Order that covers the area.

We have been receiving reports of large groups of males congregating in different spots along Frodingham Road drinking beer, cider and spirits. In response,  we conducted a day of action in which 5 off licenses were checked under S179 Licensing Act 2003. Several breaches were found and two shops forwarded to the Licensing Team for follow up action. 2 street drinkers have also been issued Community Protection Warnings with partial bans from Frodingham Road.

Our plan so far has included:

- We have met with out Licensing Team who have given us guidance on how to proceed;

- We have conducted a total of  11 spot checks on off-licenses on Frodingham Road. Several shops failed to meet its license conditions on both an intial and follow up visit and has now been referred to our Licensing Team for further action;

- Work with licensing teams in the police and North Lincolnshire Council to better regulate off-licenses in the area;

- Work with the off-licenses to identify what kinds of alcohol is being bought and where from, so we can limit its use in public;

- Proactively patrol Frodingham Road and challenge those seen drinking under the Public Space Protection Order;

- Educate foreign national street drinkers through leaflets translated into Romanian, Polish and Russian so they don't do it again.

If you see people drinking in the street, report it to the council on 01724 297000

Anti Social Behaviour – Oswald Road


Street drinkers are now engaging well with partners from North Lincolnshire Council and businesses has stopped reporting issues. One man has been placed into temporary accomodation. This follows police and partner action to help and enforce against street drinkers following numerous reports in November and December people causing a nuisance and acting in a disorderly manner on Oswald Road.

Previously on Oswald Road:

- One male was arrested on suspicion of breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) and other offences and was found guilty at Grimsby Magistrates court in January.

This is the same group who caused Anti Social Behaviour on Dunstall Street throughout August and September. Our plan included:

- In October the court granted a variation to a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) on one local man for causing anti social behaviour and public order offences on Dunstall Street. He was found guilty of breaching his CBO and sentence to 12 weeks imprisonment. He has now been excluded from the town centre (except to attend prearranged appointments) until March 2021. Businesses and shops along Dunstall Street now report a big decrease in issues with street drinking, rough sleepers, begging and disorderly behaviour.

- Two men, both known to drink in the street and behave in a disorderly way, were given formal warnings excluding them from the area for three months;

- High visibility targeted patrols, speaking to local business owners and listening to their concerns;

- #Humbertalking has been conducted down Dunstall Street and most business have signed up to this. This enables us to contact business with updates;

- We have co-ordinated with partners from housing, environmental health, drug and alcohol services and safer neighbourhoods to provide support to rough sleepers and make the area cleaner and tidier.

If anybody has information about those responsible for these issues, please contact us through the 101 number or alternatively, by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers (0800 555 111).

Last Updated 30 Mar 2020

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