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Insp Paul Gladstone
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Sgt Lucy Kevan
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PC 1926 Neil Fraser
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PCSO 7616 Austin Petch
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PCSO 7761 Stephen Lynch
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PCSO 7852 Barbara Danby

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What's Happening In Your Area?


Burglary Reports - 3 reports of residential burglaries over the previous month, of which one is an attempt made to the victims garage located at the rear of the house in Hessle, and by unknown means bend the electric double garage door. No entry gained and suspects make off. Another property had their insecure garage entered and meat and alcohol stolen from the fridge freezer before making off. Finally a male was charged and summonsed for smashing and entering victims shed and removing property from within. A further 2 reports across Dale Ward, one of which is to a Business Premise, Hessle Golf Club and involves unknown persons approach the shed and by means unknown remove 2 chain saws from within the shed before making off.

Vehicle Reports – During April we have had 6 reports of vehicle crime across Hessle, 2 of which are criminal damage, one vehicle had paint splatters across the bonnet and another vehicle had scratches caused to the side as well as the bonnet. A further 2 were interference with vehicles, of which persons approach victims Merecedes Vito van which is parked on the driveway and gain entry to the cab by removing the lock barrel from the front drivers door. Once in the cab they attack the ignition barrel. Suspects are disturbed and make of in a vehicle. Another vehicle that was parked and secure on an unattended driveway had both passenger doors tried open by an unknown male . In South Hunsley there was a report of theft from vehicle involving unknown person approaching victims vehicle parked secure and unattended on a country lane and gains entry by drilling out the lock on the driver side door and stealing handbag and a parcel before making off. Meanwhile across Dale there was a report of criminal damage to a vehicle which had its wing mirror ripped off and the door kicked in causing dents to the bodywork.

Please Check Your Fob has done its Job! Don’t assume your vehicle is secure – always check doors are locked before you walk away and recheck before you settle down for the night. Consider a faraday pouch to keep your keys/fob safe and never leave them in range of your vehicle – think about keeping them at the other side of the house. Please remove all valuables from vehicle when left unattended and leave the glove-box open and empty to reduce the opportunity of becoming a victim.


Criminal Damage –3 reports across Hessle last month, one of which resulted in a successful arrest of male after causing damage to an antique chair. Another property had multiple eggs thrown at victims address as well as attempting to remove the charging cable causing damage to the vehicle charger in the process. Finally Premier Inn has had damage casued to the perspex glass on the outside of the store resulting in a hole on the outside of the building where the perspex has been punched or kicked. A further 2 reports across South Hunsley Ward, one of which involves victims solar panel lights attached to fence running from driveway to rear garden been ripped down by unknown person and another sees unknown person approach metal link fence and cause damage by snipping the mesh to gain access to an abandoned quarry. Meanwhile across Dale Ward there 3 reports last month, damage to a caravan, damage to a crow gate by cutting electric fence on pheasant pen and tampering with gates causing approximately £200/300 worth of damage and finally a property had their first floor window smashed.

Shop theft - Just 3 reports across Hessle and South Hunsley Ward last month, one of which resulted in the successful arrest of two males.


Last Updated 5 May 2021

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