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Insp Mark Lovell
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Sgt 0739 David Lonsdale
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Sgt 0839 Robert Ravu
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PC 1203 Stuart Wilson
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PCSO 7567 Samantha Chandler

Community Alerts

Bogus Callers (Humberside Police)

Friday, 5 Mar 2020 22:14
Humberside Police
Suspicious circumstances

Police Supporting Communities in Flood Effected Areas (Humberside Police)

Friday, 27 Feb 2020 15:53
Humberside Police
Major incidents

Police surgery (Humberside Police)

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2020 07:55
Humberside Police
Meeting notice

We want to reassure the residents of Snaith that there are still Police Patrolling the areas which have recently been badly flooded. Despite the extra demand placed on the Police there are still dedicated patrols in the area for the foreseeable future. We hope this offers some reassurance to those effected by the recent flooding and to offer reassurance that we are here during these recent hard times.

What's Happening In Your Area?


ASB Ferry Lane and Market Place, Snaith

Reports of youths congregating and causing a nuisance along with issues of littering and graffiti and general Anti-Social Behaviour at Ferry Lane, Snaith and in Market Place Snaith. Also reports of youths on motorbikes on Ferry lane Snaith. Allegedly the riders are speeding, generally causing a nuisance and riding without helmets. We urge residents to report any ASB in the area to Humberside Police via 101.


Local officers have been conducting high visibility patrols in the area and anyone caught engaging in such activities will be dealt with jointly with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  We have also met with local councilors to discuss the ongoing issues in the area.

Throughout March  we will be  holding  more street surgeries in Snaith.  These are  high visibility patrols starting at the  fire station in the Market place where the general public can also join us along with the ward councilors and the ASB Officer Nikki Moulton.We have been targeting ASB hot spot areas and speaking to residents about their concerns.  We have been successful in identifying some of the youths causing issues and are dealing with them via our ASB process. Please feel free to join us on the dates below.

We are also in the process of finding a suitable location for the teenagers  to gather  on an evening.  There is currently no youth club in Snaith and after talking to the youths this is something they would like and will help to get them off the streets with the dark nights looming. If anyone knows of some where suitable within the town centre then please let us know.

There has been numerous reports of 'knock a door run' on the Ben Bailey estate in Snaith. This may seem just a minor thing but  when it is constant and over a long period of time this can be quite distressing to the residents. The knocks were described as 'thudding' and were targeting the same residents over a period of a few weeks.  We are pleased to say that the group involved have been identified and we are in the process of speaking to them in he presence of their parents. They will also receive warning letters from the council which stays on record.

There has been a complaint from Snaith Library  reporting  damage to their porch way , peeled away paint on the handrail, 
and the silicone been  picked  the  sealant at the bottom of the windows.  They are also reporting litter being left ,including what looks like used condoms.  Both the police and the council are aware.

There has been a recent report of approximately 5 youths causing ASB in Market place Snaith. The report came into us on the 23rd February and stated that 5 unnamed youths were causing issues and pulling up plants. We are in the process of trying to get these people identified by the towns CCTV cameras. If anyone has got any information or witnessed the incident then please contact us on 101 the non emergency number quoting log 471 23/02/2020.

We are aware that a 'blade pen' has recently been found by a member of the public in the station car park in Snaith. The pen has not been linked to any persons or incident and we are patrolling the area frequently especially on an evening. If anyone has any information then please contact us on 101.


The council and the Police are aware that the bricks of the derelict building have been damaged enabling people to gain access. The building was bricked up due to the condition of it and unknown people were gaining access. The access made recently is very small and would be a real concern should anyone inside needs to exit in an emergency. Private sector housing are now in the process of exploring options to address this. If anyone has nay information on who caused the damage please contact us on 101.




During the coronavirus outbreak you can access support and safeguard yourself against scams 
Unfortunately not everyone out there is trustworthy and some people will try to take advantage of this unusual situation our society is facing and try to exploit people.
Listed below are some of the scams that you could be approached with, but please note that criminals and their scams come in all shapes and sizes, and they may contact you at the door, by phone, post or online:

Be aware of people offering miracle cures or vaccines for coronavirus – there is no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19)

People impersonating healthcare workers, claiming to be offering ‘home-testing’ for coronavirus – this is a scam and these kits are not currently available to buy

Emails saying that you can get a refund on taxes, utilities or similar - they are usually bogus and they are just trying to obtain your bank and personal details

Fake products available to buy online that advise they can protect you or cure coronavirus - these will not help and are just designed to take your money

Mobile phone applications that claim to give you updates on the virus but instead, they lock your phone and demand a ransom

Calls from people purporting to be from your bank, or from the police, asking for your bank details over the phone

People offering to do you’re shopping or collecting medication and asking for money upfront and then disappearing
To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, we’ve please follow our tips and advice below:

Be cautious and listen to your instincts. Don’t be afraid to hang up, bin it, delete it or shut the door

Take your time; don’t be rushed

If someone claims to represent a charity, ask them for ID. Be suspicious of requests for money up front. Check with family and friends before accepting offers of helps if you are unsure

If you are online, be aware of fake news and use trusted sources such as or websites. Make sure you type the addresses in and don’t click on links in emails

Only purchase goods from legitimate retailers and take a moment to think before parting with money or personal information

Know who you’re dealing with - if you need help, talk to someone you know or get in touch with your local Council on the numbers below

Protect your financial information, especially from people you don’t know. Never give your bank card or PIN to a stranger
We know it can be difficult to know who to trust, and we hope this information helps you to feel more informed and more able to protect yourself against these types of scams.

If you’re online or have a mobile phone Facebook Community groups and WhatsApp groups can be great ways of staying in touch with those around you.

You can also sign up to Humberside Police’s My Community Alert at to receive updates straight to your mobile or email on what’s going on in your community.

To learn more about different types of scams and how to protect yourself and others, visit the National Trading Standards website and complete the free online training.

If you’re not online, please see the telephone helpline numbers below if you need any help or advice:

If you think you’ve been scammed, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040
If you need advice, call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133
If you are in immediate danger, contact the police on 999.




We have been looking at rooms where the youths in Snaith can gather for a couple of hours on an evening. We are aware that we often get calls of youths congregating in the town centre and there are no provisions for them in the locality.

The Bell and Crown in Market Place Snaith has kindly offered to let them use their back room between 19:00-21:00 hours.  We are launching this on Monday 23rd March. The other dates will be Monday Monday 30th March and Monday 6th April . The bar will obviously not be open for them however the pub will provide bottles of soft drink and there will also be someone from the community policing team present.  The project is in the very early stages and going into the future we hope to maybe work with the fire service in Snaith.  We would also like to get other agencies /clubs involved so the youths can have an  input in health and well being  or anything else of interest.

This is a very exciting project as there are no provisions for them really within the Snaith area. We will be advertising on social media, in the local papers and also going into the schools to talk to them about this.

Please watch this space for other updates.

Incidents in your area


On the 9th March there was a shed burglary on Low Street in Swinefleet. On the 16th March there were two burglaries on Went Avenue Snaith and Butterfield Close East Cowick .

There was a theft from a motor vehicle on George Street Snaith on the 17th March.

There was a theft on Ferry Lane Snaith on the 18th March,

On the 18th March a vehicle was stolen from Long Lane Pollington and Grange Road in Adlingfleet.

Criminal damage occured to a property on Market Place Snaith on the 18th March.

A property on Gowdall Lane Snaith was burgled on 23rd March .

There was criminal damage to a vehicle on Main Street Ousefleet on the 24th March.








Please be vigilant regarding bogus callers in the George Street area of Snaith. We have recently had a complaint from a resident regarding a charity bag being posted through her letterbox. After making checks with the charity it was ascertained that this was not a legitimate worker . Please be mindful that since the floods any genuine charity will not have anyone collecting for them. Please report anything suspicious to us on 101 the non emergency number.


Last Updated 29 Mar 2020

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