Sidney Sussex

Welcome to the Sidney Sussex Neighborhood Policing Team

The ward covered by the team incorporates an urban area which benefits from recreational resources including Sidney Park, Sussex Recreation Ground and the North Promenade.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at Hamilton Street Police Station or on 101 if you wish to discuss matters that are affecting you or your area. All our officers are accessible and out daily on their Beat Walks. Your Community Beat Manager's for the ward are PC Gary Cooksey 2355, PC Lauren Duke 1677 and can be contacted via the ward email links shown in the 'How to get in touch' section.  

Coronovirus (Covid-19) update

We encourage everyone to follow the Government guidance which is widely published on all media outlets and the government website. We still will not be holding any more engagement events with our communities for the foreseeable future. Whilst we love seeing you, these events are non-essential in the current circumstances.   

You will still see us out and about as we continue to do our job and keep our communities safe. As always there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us if you need us.

Stay informed through our social media channels, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Don't forget to also sign up to My Community Alert and receive community alerts directly to your devices.

For incidents that don’t require an immediate response call our non-emergency 101 line. You can also report non-emergency crimes online via our reporting portal. In an emergency always dial 999.

Meet Your Team

Insp Dave Stephenson
Insp Dave Stephenson
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
Sgt 1377 Claire Jacobs
Sgt 1377 Claire Jacobs
PC 1677 Lauren Gale
PC 1677 Lauren Gale
PC 2355 Gary Cooksey
PC 2355 Gary Cooksey
PCSO 7722 Teresa Huxford
PCSO 7722 Teresa Huxford
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts

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What's Happening In Your Area?


Covid-19: Our priorities remain the same

We are there and out and about for you, even in these current testing times. Due to the current situation, our current main priority is currently the issues and problems that may arise from this. What we would like is for people to contact us or the council where there are concerns for vulnerabilities. Now is the time to be keeping an eye out for your neighbours, family and friends and as such, if there is something that your local policing team can do, then do not hesitate to contact us via the usual route - 101 - non-emergency and 999 for emergency purposes.

I want to assure you that we will be there for you as best we can under the circumstances whilst still responding to our normal day to day business. Please be safe out there and remember the advice and guidance you have been provided with from the Government -

Please continue to call and report breaches of the COVID regulations where you are concerned and we will look at them on a case by case basis.

Burglaries are incrreasing slightly this past month, so if you see anything suspicious please report. Sometimes the smallest piece of information may be the connecting piece of the puzzle to put people away in prison that are carrying out these offences that can have a detrimental effect on those victims in many ways. If you suspect something is wrong, ring us or report on line.

Anti Social Behaviour

As a team for the Sidney Sussex Ward we are currently working our way round, when availability allows, the area knocking on your door to see if you wish to take part in our My Community Alerts System. By completing a short questionnaire, we are able to highlight, from the answers provided, the issues in your immediate area that you would like us to take on and reduce.

I would urge you to take a few minutes and please click on the link - to register and have a say about the issues in your area. We can also keep you up to date with alerts as things happen that are relevant to you.

For ASB, this area is broken down into 3 main areas for recording purposes and although this is high on your priority list, the number of actual reported incidents for the ward area are low. ***Please be aware that we have seen a spike in numbers due to the easing of the lock down restrictions and the online reporting of COVID breaches ***

Please continue to report ASB to the police so we can get a true picture of what is going on.

ASB to most people, would be children kicking a football in the street instead of going to the park or noise nuisance. We understand that peoples perception of ASB is different for each individual, but historically, the recorded number for these types of incidents in the Sidney Sussex area are very low. We have recently had an increase of ASB issues on the Sussex recreational ground area. Please, if you see people causing annoyance or ASB, can i ask that you report it to us. If you know the people involved, let us know. There are many ways to address these issues, particularly if we have details of who is involved, not just from a police perspective but also in conjunction with partnership working with other agencies.

Drug dealing and drug misuse

Drugs are a major issue that every area of policing has to deal with. Across the Sidney Sussex ward there has been a notable increase in drug activity over the last few years and we have been acting on this with regular Misuse of Drugs Act warrants. If you believe you know an address or person that may be involved with drugs, then please get in touch and let us know. 

Where we have ASB, criminal activity and issues around an address, please let the police know. We work very closely with the council and can look at ways of tackling the ASB/drugs problems with house closures form problem houses.

We are actively disrupting the drug dealers that are targeting our vulnerable people within the ward area.

We are very keen for you to ring in on 101 to report drug activity in your area. Please note that with each report, we can work to build that bigger picture in order obtain a warrant from the local courts and we can then go to these houses and stop the activities.

Please call us with any information that you may have with regards to drugs activities - the more you report to us, the more we can do as there are many options at our disposal and we also continue to address this through Op Galaxy.

Child Criminal Exploitation

There has been a notable increase over the last few months of youths who are being coerced or threatened into crime and as such our team wishes to abolish Child Criminal Exploitation on the Sidney Sussex area. This would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which have information being fed through. We will be available to ask advice about this matter and strive to do everything we can to prevent these types of offences taking place.

If you see children involved in drug dealing activities, chances are is that they are being exploited. Please ring it in to the police so we can try and protect this vulnerable group of our society. You may see drug dealing, we do too, but its the risk of serious harm to some of those doing this and by reporting we can put things in place to protect them.

Child Sexual Exploitation

This issue has been raised due to the heightened number of reported issues regarding Child Sexual Exploitation and is a priority that every officer aims to prevent. Prevention would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which are involved, or have been involved. Our local officers will respond to every call regarding this matter effectively and will strive to get the best resolution for all parties affected. Information about this matter should be fed through either the 101 system or the GET IN TOUCH email link above as a matter of priority.

Last Updated 2 Jul 2020

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