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Welcome to the Sidney Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The ward covered by the team incorporates an urban area which benefits from recreational resources including Sidney Park, Sussex Recreation Ground and the North Promenade.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team at Hamilton Street Police Station or on 101 if you wish to discuss matters that are affecting you or your area. All our officers are accessible and out daily on their Beat Walks. Your Community Beat Manager's for the ward are PC Phill Eayres 2339 and PC Harry Carmichael 0090. They can be contacted via the ward email links shown in the 'How to get in touch' section.  

PCSO Abigail CHAMBERS 7812 and PCSO Simon ROBERTS 7746 also cover the Sidney Sussex Ward. Abi and Simon will be out and about where you will be able to catch up with them and discuss any issues going on in the area.

Stay informed through our social media channels, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Don't forget to also sign up to My Community Alert and receive community alerts directly to your devices.

For incidents that don’t require an immediate response call our non-emergency 101 line. You can also report non-emergency crimes online via our reporting portal. In an emergency always dial 999.

Meet Your Team

Insp Dave Stephenson
Insp Dave Stephenson
Sgt 2498 Kate Duffield
Sgt 2498 Kate Duffield
PC 0090 Harry Carmichael
PC 0090 Harry Carmichael
PC 2339 Phill Eayres
PC 2339 Phill Eayres
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts
PCSO 7812 Abigail Chambers
PCSO 7812 Abigail Chambers

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How can it be nearly July? I bet were all thinking “Where’s the year gone?”. Fortunately we’re now starting to see normality return after what has been a challenging 15 months for us all. The Euros are in full swing England now through to the quarter finals. Let’s not forget Wimbledon too, because we all love strawberries and cream. The month of June on the Sidney Sussex ward saw PC Phill Eayres join the team. He‘s spent time engaging with the community and speaking with key individuals and organisations as well as ‘borrowing’ kids scooters in Sidney Park!! This month our ward priorities for July are -

1) Drugs - Drugs continue to be a huge issue in our community and we are dedicated to tackling the issue and protecting the vulnerable people that it effects. We continue to identify addresses and persons responsible through Humber Talking and intelligence led Policing. The month of July will see increased activity being supported by Operation Galaxy. So if you’re criminally linked to the drugs world, we’re coming for you!

2) Anti-Social Behaviour - Although seemingly minor and low level, anti-social behaviour can have a huge impact on individuals and businesses in the community. Due to this, ASB will feature as one of our ward priorities this month. We will be paying particular attention to Sidney Park as recent reports have shown an increase in ASB at this location. Since the children will be breaking up for the summer very soon, more proactive action will be taken to curb the behaviour from a minority of individuals in this area. We have a number of ways in which we deal with ASB, from Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to Community Protection Warnings/Notices. Please contact us if you are experiencing ASB issues.

3) Protecting Vulnerable People - Vulnerabilities come in many forms; it could be age related (any age), mental health or health issues, disabilities, loneliness and many others. With COVID becoming a new and alarming factor this last year, now it is more important than ever to recognise vulnerable people and support them where you can. If you know someone that might require some help and assistance, please contact us and we can visit them, put the appropriate referrals in to get them on a path to help and/or recovery and safeguard them in the process. Child Criminal Exploitation/Child Sex Exploitation also plays a key factor, as these children are also vulnerable. Please see our web page for further information on this topic.

What's Happening In Your Area?


What is modern day slavery?

Please read and if you spot the signs described and are unsure or require advice, please contact us on 101.

Modern day slavery is an unseen crime that’s going unnoticed in our local communities. Whether that’s at a local hand car wash, a nail bar in town or even a village takeaway – slavery and trafficking is a growing cause for concern across the entire Humber region. 

Slavery is an umbrella term for activities involved when one person obtains or holds another person against their will in compelled service.

Someone is classed as a victim of slavery if they are:

  • Forced to work through mental or physical threat;
  • Owned or controlled by an 'employer', usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
  • Dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’;
  • Physically constrained or have restrictions placed on his/her freedom.

Spot the signs of modern day slavery 

There is no “standard” victim profile for modern day slavery. Victims can be men, women and children of all ages, but it is normally more prevalent amongst the most vulnerable – including minority groups or those who are socially excluded.

Potential victims might display any (or many) of the following signs:

  • Suffering from physical or psychological abuse, appearing withdrawn and looking dishevelled 
  • Never seen travelling alone
  • Avoiding eye contact and seeming reluctant to have a conversation
  • Appearing fearful of authorities – in particular, law enforcement
  • Seeming unfamiliar with the neighbourhood in which they are living and working 
  • Living in overcrowded accommodation
  • Having very few personal possessions
  • Having no access to personal ID documents
  • Being dropped off and collected at work every day - either very early, or very late 
  • Seemingly being under the influence of other people


COVID-19 is an international panademic which is affecting society and it's ability to function normally -

Your neighbourhood policing team are here to advise and protect the community as much as possible whilst we are working through the pandemic.

You may see an increased Police presence in normally high traffic areas such as Cleethorpes seafront. If you have any queries, concerns or just want to say hi, please approach us for a chat.

Please contact your neighbourhood policing team should you have any questions.

Follow the guidelines which can be found on the website for further information.

Child Criminal Exploitation

There has been a notable increase over the last few months of youths who are being coerced or threatened into crime and as such our team wishes to abolish Child Criminal Exploitation on the Sidney Sussex area. This would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which have information being fed through. We will be available to ask advice about this matter and strive to do everything we can to prevent these types of offences taking place.

If you see children involved in drug dealing activities, chances are is that they are being exploited. Please ring it in to the Police so we can try and protect this vulnerable group of our society. You may see drug dealing, we do too, but its the risk of serious harm to some of those doing this and by reporting we can put things in place to protect them.

We are currently working with a number of children from within the local area who are recieving support from the local policing team in conjunction with a number of partner agencies, whom we work closely with.

Child Sexual Exploitation

This issue has been raised due to the heightened number of reported issues regarding Child Sexual Exploitation and is a priority that every officer aims to prevent. Prevention would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which are involved, or have been involved. Our local officers will respond to every call regarding this matter effectively and will strive to get the best resolution for all parties affected. Information about this matter should be fed through either the 101 system or the GET IN TOUCH email link above as a matter of priority.

House Closures

If you are aware of a property, containing persons that are causing problems, we can investigate under the Anti-Social Behaviour aspect of policing with a view to looking at closing a property for a period of three months, if it is persistent. These powers are also open to the council and housing. This involves gathering evidence to take to court to discuss the activities that might have taken place.

 If you have any information regarding ASB/Drugs going forward, please let us know to assist us in getting the closure.


Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

Now that we’re all starting to ease out of lockdown, we need to make sure that as well as keeping ourselves safe, we’re keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

Why not become an integral part of your community? Have you considered becoming a Neighbourhood Watch member - get involved with the community and look to make it a safer, stronger and secure area for you and your fellow neighbours. We have some really good Neighbourhood Watch groups in our area already - they do an awful lot for thier communities and it is greatly appreciated not only by them, but us too. Contact via the links below and see if you can make a difference.

Hashtag each post with #SafetyInNeighbours, and tag Neighbourhood Watch with @N_watch on Twitter, @ourwatch on Facebook, and on Instagram posts - GO TO

Last Updated 7 Jul 2021

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Where We Are Over The Next 6 Months

Wednesday 28 Jul, 2:00pm – 3:00pmOnline via Zoom Sidney Sussex Ward Zoom Session with PC Carmichael
Saturday 31 Jul, 1:00pm – 3:00pmSidney Park, CleethorpesSidney Sussex Surgery with PC Eayres

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