Sidney Sussex

Welcome to the Sidney Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Team

The ward covered by the team incorporates an urban area which benefits from recreational resources including Sidney Park, Sussex Recreation Ground and the North Promenade.

Please contact the team at Hamilton Street Police Station or on 101 if you wish to discuss matters that are affecting you or your area. All our officers are accessible and out daily on their Beat Walks. Your Community Beat Manager for the ward is PC Gary Cooksey 2355 and can be contacted via the ward email links shown in the 'How to get in touch' section.  

Meet Your Team

Insp Dave Stephenson
Insp Dave Stephenson
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
Sgt 1377 Claire Jacobs
Sgt 1377 Claire Jacobs
PC 2355 Gary Cooksey
PC 2355 Gary Cooksey
PCSO 7722 Teresa Huxford
PCSO 7722 Teresa Huxford
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts
PCSO 7746 Simon Roberts

Community Alerts

Crime Prevention Advice: Burglary (Humberside Police)

Sunday, 9 Nov 2019 15:55
Humberside Police
General crime prevention message

Burglary: Crime Prevention Advice (Humberside Police)

Monday, 29 Sep 2019 15:57
Humberside Police
General crime prevention message

Appeal following serious collision on Weelsby Street (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 23 Sep 2019 10:33
Humberside Police
Road Safety and Traffic

ASB ELLISTON STREET (Humberside Police)

Thursday, 18 Sep 2019 18:08
Humberside Police
Residential: Anti-social behaviour

theft from motor vehicle (Humberside Police)

Saturday, 6 Sep 2019 21:20
Humberside Police
Residential: Crime alert

Correction to previous message (Humberside Police)

Friday, 29 Aug 2019 12:42
Humberside Police
Good news

What's Happening In Your Area?


Child Criminal Exploitation: There has been a notable increase over the last few months of youths who are being coerced or threatened into crime and as such our team wishes to abolish Child Criminal Exploitation on the Sidney Sussex area. This would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which have information being fed through. We will be available to ask advice about this matter and strive to do everything we can to prevent these types of offences taking place.

Child Sexual Exploitation: This issue has been raised due to the heightened number of reported issues regarding Child Sexual Exploitation and is a priority that every officer aims to prevent. Prevention would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which are involved, or have been involved. Our local officers will respond to every call regarding this matter effectively and will strive to get the best resolution for all parties affected. Information about this matter should be fed through either the 101 system or the GET IN TOUCH email link above as a matter of priority.

Anti Social Behaviour/Nuisance Motorcycles/speeding - As a team for the Sidney Sussex Ward we are currently working our way round, when availability allows, the area knocking on your door to see if you wish to take part in our My Community Alerts System. By completing a short questionnaire, we are able to highlight, from the answers provided, the issues in your immediate area that you would like us to take on and reduce.

Please click on the link - to register and have a say about the issues in your area. We can also keep you up to date with alerts as things happen that are relevant to you.

With regards to speeding, we have discussed with the council your concerns and one area will soon benefit from having speed bumps installed along the stretch of road highlighted to us. These will be installed very soon.

For ASB, this area is broken down into 3 main areas for recording purposes and although this is high on your priority list, the number of actual reported incidents for the ward area are low (only 16 reported incidents in October). I would ask that any ASB is reported to the police so we can get a true picture of what is going on.

ASB to most people, would be children kicking a football in the street instead of going to the park or noise nuisance. We understand that peoples perception of ASB is different for each individual, but historically, the recorded number for these types of incidents in the Sidney Sussex area are very low. We have recently had a small increase of ASB issues on the Sussex recreational ground area and also around the Todays Store on Brereton Avenue/Elliston Street. Please, if you see youths causing annoyance/ASB, can i ask that you report it to us. If you know the people involved, let us know.

We would appeal to you to call in on 101 if you have any information with regards to the location/s of any of the illegal motorcycles on the road.

Drug dealing and drug misuse: Drugs are a major issue that every area of policing has to deal with. Across the Sidney Sussex ward there has been a notable increase in drug activity over the last few years and we have been acting on this with regular Misuse of Drugs Act warrants. If you believe you know an address or person that may be involved with drugs, then please get in touch and let us know. 

We have had recent success with a number of warrants carried out on the Sidney Sussex ward area and are actively disrupting the drug dealers that are targeting our vulnerable people.

We are very keen for you to ring in on 101 to report drug activity in your area. Please note that with each report, we can work to build that bigger picture in order obtain a warrant from the local courts and we can then go to these houses and stop the activities.

Last Updated 30 Oct 2019

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Where We Are Over The Next 6 Months

Friday 15 Nov, 10:00amFive Ways Todays Store, Park Street/Carr LaneSidney Sussex Community Drop In
Monday 25 Nov, 4:00pm – 5:00pmFive Ways Todays Store, Park Street/Carr LaneSidney Sussex Community Drop In
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