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Welcome to the North Carr neighbourhood policing team.

We start 2021 with renewed optimism looking forward to the year ahead and opportunities it may present.  We remain very realistic of the impact that the current Covid-19 public health emergency is placing on individuals, families and our communities as a whole across Humberside.  With the ever changing position, we remain resolute in our intent, effort and energy, continuing to plan and work with community groups and our partners across the Public Sector, to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on our local communities and keep you safe.

In Humberside the vast majority of our community have been doing what’s right for a long time. We continue to use the 4E’s approach to Policing Covid-19; engage, explain, encourage and finally enforce the regulations where applicable. You will see on our social media channels and in the local media that in recent weeks on occasion we have seen an increase in house parties and larger gatherings.  Where these have been flagrant breaches of the regulations we have taken proportionate and necessary action, issuing appropriate fines. As vaccination roll out continues across Health Care settings in Hull and surrounding villages; you will see our officers in attendance, providing reassurance around these key vaccination sites.

Regardless of Covid 19, our Policing focus remains to protect the most vulnerable, keep people safe and to respond to serious crime. Our Neighbourhood policing activity will continue to be focused on maintaining our core operational duties and delivering our Neighbourhood Policing Strategy. The provision of highly visible and locally connected Neighbourhood policing teams remain the foundation of our force operating model.

The Neighbourhood Policing Strategy and our focus concentrates on 4 Pillars:

Building Resilient Communities
Protecting Vulnerable People – safeguarding
Managing Offenders and diverting people away from crime and Anti-social behaviour
Maintaining Public Trust and Confidence.

Through 2021 we continue to utilise locally developed evidence based practice in order to reduce harm, reduce repeat calls for service and thereby increase community resilience. As we have experienced through our embedded Problem Orientated Policing approach; listening to communities (through Humbertalk surveys) to find out what matters to you, sharing information between partners and working collaboratively is integral in not only defining local issues and priorities but delivering successful, tangible sustainable results.

Regardless of Covid- 19 we are still here and not going anywhere. Our Community Teams remain out and about, taking necessary precautions wearing appropriate PPE delivering our Neighbourhood Policing Service. Covid-19 has seen some changes to our engagement and we have adapted and utilised technology using online meetings for community engagement and meetings; the team will continue to utilise our social media channels (Twitter: @humberbeatHULL and Facebook: @humberbeatHULL) and our team pages on the force website to keep you informed of what we are doing.

At the commencement of this pandemic I reported I was impressed by my team’s response and attitude over those initial few days. It was, and months down the line, remains to this day fantastic. This is not without challenge and sacrifice. We’ve seen and continue to see some fantastic team ethos, not just internally but working with our partners from other agencies and members of the community. The North Hull Team continue the pledge and commitment to you, our communities and each other.

To the very best of our ability we will continue to:

  • Protect the vulnerable and keep people safe.
  • We will be out in your ward areas, visible, listening and working with you to deliver the services you need at this challenging time.
  • We will continue to tackle crime and ASB

Most of all we will be here when you need us.

Meet Your Team

Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
PC 658 Rose Waller
PC 658 Rose Waller
PCSO 7719 Shaun Casson
PCSO 7719 Shaun Casson

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What's Happening In Your Area?


We are working in partnership with Riverside Housing, Hull City Council and other local external partners to reduce burglaries to homes and outbuildings on North Bransholme and Kesteven Way corridor.

We will be target hardening homes and outbuildings by fitting free house security (window alarms, door locks, door chains etc) and we are also fitting free PIR alarms in sheds and garages. This is a two year project and we aim to visit every house within the area.

Phase 1 of the initiative will be focused on Aberdovey Close, Furness Close, Crossword Close and Falkirk Close on Monday 25 March 2019 between 10am and 3pm.  


Phase 1 results are below and are very impressive.

  • Total Number of Properties visited - 199
  • Shed Alarms Fitted - 47
  • Garage Alarms Fitted - 1
  • Door Alarms Fitted - 15
  • Door Locks Fitted - 17
  • Door Chimes Fitted - 10
  • Window Alarms Fitted - 22
  • Window Locks Fitted -44
  • Immobilise Referrals - 16

Phase 2 update

On Monday 3 June 2019, the Hull North Policing Team in partnership with Urban, Riverside Housing, Hull City Council and the North Bransholme Community Centre visited the following streets to educate residents, target harden homes and out buildings - Barmouth Close, Kentmere Close, Fairbourne Close, Rhyl Close, Welshpool Close and Colwyn Close.


Phase 1 results are below and are very impressive!!!

Total Number of Properties visited -
Shed Alarms Fitted - 43
Door Locks Fitted - 31
Door Chimes Fitted - 20
Window Alarms Fitted - 21

Details of the next initiative will be out shortly.

Phase 3 update

We will be coming coming to Harlech Close, Appin Close, Borthwick Close, Leitholme Close and Gifford Close on Monday 30 September. All residents have received a letter with regards to this.

Unfortuntly due to Covid this has been put on hold but do not worry as this will start back up again as soon as it is safe to do so.

We have adapted our approach and now able to provide crime prevention and target hardening equipment to victims of crime. 

The neighbourhood priority is to use a multi agency approach to assist in reducing crime, anti social behaviour by dealing with any incidents robustly if and when they occur. We have Police officers in uniform and plain clothes conducting foot patrols to identify those youths that are setting off fireworks, breaching COVID guidlines and cusing anti social behaviour. We also have officers conducting patrols and the times when the incidents have been reported. We have been quite successful with several people arrested and dealt with for public order offences and issued fines for breaching covid.

A Multi Agency approach will also be taken to identify and safe guard vulnerable people that live in our community.  

We also work with Humberside Fire Bridge to reduce fires on the North Bransholme Area. From the last partnership tasking meeting it has been mentioned that the fires have lessened. We have challenged youths found in the locality of fires and on occassion they have been PACE 1 searched and taken home with their parents updated.                               

Please continue to report incidents. Together we target offenders and protect victims.

Since May the Community Team from Bransholme Police Station lead by the team of Specials have been dealing with reports of Poaching on the Nature Reserve on Noddle Hill Way. The team have been doing high visable patrols on the site, engaging with Partners and talking to the members of public that use the site. The team have removed and dismantled numerous snares and traps on the site and have been and talked to a few people of interest and investigations are on going.

The team is now looking to reestablish the North Carr Conservation Group which will look after the site along with help from the local Council.

The special constabulary have conducted numerous patrols and provided reassuarance to members of the public using these outdoor spaces. There has been a significant reduction of reports of Poaching and people are able to use this green space to excercise. 

In February 2021 there has been a raise in theft from motor vehicle crime across Bransholme including the North Carr area, officers will be completing some target hardening in the area and completing house to house enquires. Please come out speak to officers if you see us in the community and keep reporting all incidents using 101 or 999.

Last Updated 29 Apr 2021

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