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Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Insp 5687 Mark Peasgood
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 2435 Andrew Waller
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
Sgt 933 Stephen Hepworth
PC 1702 Andrew McDonald
PC 1702 Andrew McDonald
PCSO 7696 Mark Kelsey
PCSO 7696 Mark Kelsey
PCSO 7719 Shaun Casson
PCSO 7719 Shaun Casson

Community Alerts

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Friday, 13 Nov 2020 11:47
Humberside Police
Good news

SKIRLAUGH: Two Vehicles stolen during burglary (Humberside Police)

Saturday, 7 Nov 2020 13:12
Humberside Police
Vehicle crime

Male at Court Fined £658.59 (Humberside Police)

Friday, 6 Nov 2020 16:28
Humberside Police
Good news

Vehicle Crime (Humberside Police)

Monday, 2 Nov 2020 10:15
Humberside Police
Vehicle crime

Attempt Burglary in your area (Humberside Police)

Monday, 2 Nov 2020 10:04
Humberside Police
Residential: Burglary alert

Halloween Message (Humberside Police)

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020 13:14
Humberside Police
Local news

What's Happening In Your Area?


We are working in partnership with Riverside Housing, Hull City Council and other local external partners to reduce burglaries to homes and outbuildings on North Bransholme and Kesteven Way corridor.

We will be target hardening homes and outbuildings by fitting free house security (window alarms, door locks, door chains etc) and we are also fitting free PIR alarms in sheds and garages. This is a two year project and we aim to visit every house within the area.

Phase 1 of the initiative will be focused on Aberdovey Close, Furness Close, Crossword Close and Falkirk Close on Monday 25 March 2019 between 10am and 3pm.  


Phase 1 results are below and are very impressive.

  • Total Number of Properties visited - 199
  • Shed Alarms Fitted - 47
  • Garage Alarms Fitted - 1
  • Door Alarms Fitted - 15
  • Door Locks Fitted - 17
  • Door Chimes Fitted - 10
  • Window Alarms Fitted - 22
  • Window Locks Fitted -44
  • Immobilise Referrals - 16

Phase 2 update

On Monday 3 June 2019, the Hull North Policing Team in partnership with Urban, Riverside Housing, Hull City Council and the North Bransholme Community Centre visited the following streets to educate residents, target harden homes and out buildings - Barmouth Close, Kentmere Close, Fairbourne Close, Rhyl Close, Welshpool Close and Colwyn Close.


Phase 1 results are below and are very impressive!!!

Total Number of Properties visited -
Shed Alarms Fitted - 43
Door Locks Fitted - 31
Door Chimes Fitted - 20
Window Alarms Fitted - 21

Details of the next initiative will be out shortly.

Phase 3 update

We will be coming coming to Harlech Close, Appin Close, Borthwick Close, Leitholme Close and Gifford Close on Monday 30 September. All residents have received a letter with regards to this.

Unfortuntly due to Covid this has been put on hold but do not worry as this will start back up again as soon as it is safe to do so.

The neighbourhood priority is to use a multi agency approach to assist in reducing crime, Anti Social Behavior by dealing with any incidents robustly if and when they occur. We have Police officers in uniform and plain clothes conducting foot patrols to identify those youths that are setting off fireworks.

A Multi Agency approach will also be taken to identify and safe guard vulnerable people that live in our community.  

To work with Humberside Fire Bridge to reduce fires on the North Bransholme Area. From the last partnership tasking meeting it has been mentioned that the fires have died down. 

Poaching on the Nature Reserve on Noddle Hill Way.

On going ASB issues on Manston Garth.

Fireworks that are being launched in and around Biggin Avenue.

Since May the Community Team from Bransholme Police Station lead by the team of Specials have been dealing with reports of Poaching on the Nature Reserve on Noddle Hill Way. The team have been doing high visable patrols on the site, engaging with Partners and talking to the members of public that use the site. The team have removed and dismantled numerous snares and traps on the site and have been and talked to a few people of interest and investigations are on going.

The team is now looking to re-set up the North Carr Conservation Group that will look after the site with the help of the local Council.

The special constabulary have conducted numerous patrols and provided reassuarance to members of the public using these outdoor spaces. 

Last Updated 18 Nov 2020

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