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Insp Martin Hopper
Insp Martin Hopper
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PC 373 Matthew Stephenson
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PC 549 Sarah Swaby (Police Now)
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PCSO 7713 Diane Bell

Community Alerts

ROGUE TRADER ALERT (Humberside Police)

Friday, 17 Oct 2019 09:11
Humberside Police
Residential: Scam alert

Criminal damage to residential walls (Humberside Police)

Thursday, 25 Sep 2019 18:31
Humberside Police
Residential: Crime alert

What's Happening In Your Area?


Your community officers identify and support the vulnerable: 

Your community officers identify and support the vulnerable: We have been conducting follow up visits to vulnerable members of the community. Not only does this offer reassurance, but more importantly we are able to assess any further needs and support that may be offered by our partners. We have held meetings with partners such as Child services and housing providers and conducted joint visits to a number of families.


Targeting those that create repeated calls for service: 

Your community officers will identify those persons who by their behaviour generate repeat calls for service: The team in Immingham understand the impact a small number of people can have on the community. 

There has been an increase in anti-social behaviour calls this is mirrored elsewhere and coincides with the autumn nights and celebrations such as Halloween. Local staff anticipated this and have identified a number of addresses repeatedly targeted. This information has been widely shared to our colleagues and additional patrols have been allocated to the area. We also consulted the council ASB officer and have secured a temporary CCTV camera for the Green Lane area.

Drugs use and supply: 

We have executed drugs warrants in your area. These come about as a result of your information and from concerns raised by housing partners and the schools our children attend. We are aware that drug use within the community is a concern, often our children are at the centre of this and they themselves may be tempted by such substances. We are listening and working to address these concerns by referring a number of youths for support and working to prosecute those responsible for supplying such substances. We may not always immediately act on the information and the work we do may not always be visible but your community officer’s review and act on the information you provide. Information about drug use and dealing can be given to the Police by a number of means including the 101 number or in person. You can also contact crime stoppers anonymously 


Immingham is an industrial town which includes one of the busiest ports in the country. This generates a lot of heavy goods vehicle traffic around the area. Unfortunately, the infrastructure isn’t in place to give all these drivers and vehicles access to either short term or overnight parking, and facilities to shop, which can cause issues when these vehicles are looking for somewhere to park up for the night, or just to visit shops to buy food etc. Although there are a couple of lorry parks in the area, at Ulceby and off Manby Road by-pass, the number of trucks will, on occasions, exceed the capacity. And of course, there are those drivers who will not wish to pay for these services. 

The introduction of the 7.5T Gross Vehicle Weight limit throughout Immingham has greatly reduced the number of heavy goods vehicles traveling through the town. These trucks should now only enter the town to give access in line with their business, for example, loading/unloading goods at a store. 

However, very occasionally, a report is received of vehicles breaking the weight limit. Also, the odd tractor unit is seen to visit the car parks off Washdyke Lane. When able, your local officers will speak to these drivers, and verbally warn them regarding breaking the weight limit. Letters are also sent to their companies informing them that their driver has breached the weight limit and for them to advise all drivers regarding the regulations around Immingham. The NPT also have information leaflets in several languages to inform foreign drivers of these regulations. 

The issues surrounding the use of heavy goods vehicles around Immingham is not a new one, and is not just for the Community Policing Team to resolve. As well as education and enforcement, there needs to be a joint partnership approach between local agencies and private businesses to help resolve the long term problems, such as suitable (free?) parking facilities, access to shops and conveniences. In the meantime, your local officers will deal with each incident as it merits.

Last Updated 20 Nov 2019

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