Hainton & Heneage

Welcome to the Hainton & Heneage Community Policing Team.

The ward covered by the team incorporates an urban area which benefits from recreational resources including Weelsby Woods, Clee Fields, King George Playing Fields, Peaks Lane and Clee Town Football Club.

Your local ward area is managed by a team consisting of two Police Constables and two PCSOs working across three separate shift patterns giving extensive coverage throughout the day.

It has been noted that the three current ward priorities are

  1. Drug dealing and substance and misuse
  2. Weelsby Woods/ASB
  3. Youth ASB and Criminal Damage

If you believe you have any information regarding the above three priorities, please don't be afraid to contact our team through the 101 number.

Alternatively there is the option to email the team on the "GET IN TOUCH BY EMAIL" link below.

Coronovirus (Covid-19) update

We encourage everyone to follow the Government guidance and remember #HandsFaceSpace.

Stay informed through our social media channels, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Don't forget to also sign up to My Community Alert and receive community alerts directly to your devices.

For incidents that don’t require an immediate response call our non-emergency 101 line. You can also report non-emergency crimes online via our reporting portal. In an emergency always dial 999.

Meet Your Team

Insp Dave Stephenson
Insp Dave Stephenson
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 0734 Dan Healey
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
Sgt 1254 Jamie Allen
PC 0424 Nick Gibbs
PC 0424 Nick Gibbs
PC 423 Danielle Goldsmith
PC 423 Danielle Goldsmith
PCSO 7555 Olegs Sidorovs
PCSO 7555 Olegs Sidorovs
PCSO 7596 Chris Arnold
PCSO 7596 Chris Arnold

Community Alerts

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What's Happening In Your Area?


Drug Dealing and Substance Misuse

Drugs are an endless battle that Police forces face.

We have been receiving information that has been pertinent to investigations into Child Criminal Exploitation and Drug Dealing over our ward area.

The Heneage area recently have seen addresses targetted as part of Operation Galaxy, we as your Community team have worked alongside the operation to target the locations and addresses that are causing the most harm within the Community. 

As you can see we have acted on information given by you, our community and will continue to do so. 

Without the information we cannot act, and therefore we would like to reinforce the idea of reporting anything suspicious.


Weelsby Woods and Anti Social Behaviour

Anti Social Behaviour continues within the ward, during the month of November despite the dark nights we are still receiving reports of the antisocial use of motorbikes with the Woods and surrounding areas.

There have been reports of Anti Social Behaviour within Weelsby Woods.

Officers from your area are aware of the localities of these incidents and are working with residents and conducting partnership working in order to reduce the calls for service.

Local officers will be out patrolling the areas that have been identified as having Anti Social Behaviour. 

If you yourself are the victim of any such behaviour please let us know.






Youth ASB and Criminal Damage.

We have received reports from buisness within our ward area of youths entering enclosed premises and causing damage. Your Community team are working with the businesses concerned in order to reduce the calls for service.

Should you have any incident of Anti Social Behaviour please let us know.

Last Updated 28 Nov 2020

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Where We Are Over The Next 6 Months

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You can contact us by email: HaintonHeneage@humberside.pnn.police.uk
Visit our Report It area for information about the different ways to report a non-emergency crime e.g. using 101 or via our online reporting pages.
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