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Insp Jon Powell
Insp Jon Powell
Sgt 0739 David Lonsdale
Sgt 0739 David Lonsdale
Sgt 1534 Helen McGill
Sgt 1534 Helen McGill
PC 0444 Tony Corden
PC 0444 Tony Corden
PCSO 7668 Anthony Mell
PCSO 7668 Anthony Mell
PCSO 7697 Kerry Jones
PCSO 7697 Kerry Jones
PCSO 7732 Michelle Cooper
PCSO 7732 Michelle Cooper

Community Alerts

Drop in surgery (Humberside Police)

Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021 17:26
Humberside Police
Meeting notice

Commuity Surgery- Town Hall- Market Weighton (Humberside Police)

Wednesday, 8 Sep 2021 13:08
Humberside Police
Meeting notice

Burglary (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 24 Aug 2021 15:49
Humberside Police
Residential: Burglary alert

Burglary (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 24 Aug 2021 15:45
Humberside Police
Residential: Burglary alert

Police Drop In Event - 15 August - Old Goole (Humberside Police)

Wednesday, 11 Aug 2021 18:10
Humberside Police
Meeting notice

Do not let this harvest be a good one for thieves (Humberside Police)

Monday, 2 Aug 2021 14:44
Humberside Police
Rural Matters

What's Happening In Your Area?


Catalytic converter thefts - how to protect your vehicle

We are warning motorists to be on their guard following a number of reports of catalytic converters being stolen in our area.

While all cars are potentially at risk, thieves are most likely to target hybrids, where the catalytic converter is used less and the metals are less likely to be damaged, or vehicles with a higher ground clearance, such as vans and SUVs. Older vehicles are also targeted due to the fact they contain higher amounts of precious metal than the newer models .We want to remind residents to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to us. We advise you to do the following.

1. Park your vehicle as close as you can to a wall or fence. This reduces the amount of room that the offender needs to manoeuvre under your vehicle and cut away the converter.

2. If your catalytic converter is bolted on you can ask your local garage to weld the bolts on to make removal more difficult.

3 .Some garages will etch a unique serial number onto your converter so it can easily be identified if it is stolen. You will also be provided with a sticker to be displayed in your window that indicates your converter is marked. You can also purchase cat clamps which will also take time to remove and slow the offender down who will be in a hurry.

4. If you have a Toyota you can purchase a device that will lock in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove.

5. Park in a well lit area.

6. Fit your vehicle with a car alarm to distract an offender.


Patch Walk

A Patch Walk will take place on Wednesday 22nd September from 2pm to 3pm.  PCSO Katie Hart and Councillor Jeffreys will initially meet in the Co Op car park, Swinefleet Road at 2pm before heading to the Percy Street area.  Please feel free to ask them any questions when you see them.

Anti-social Behaviour - Motorbikes

Humberside Police are receiving regular complaints concerning the anti-social use of off road bikes and motorbikes.

Riding these bikes are, for some, a popular pastime however, it can result in complaints to the Police and Council when they are being used in a dangerous, noisy and anti-social way.

Off road motorbikes can only be used if it is on private land and you have the land owners permission. It is illegal to ride any motorbike in public open spaces such as parks, play areas and pavements.

In law, most off road motorbikes must be constructed to a specific standard in order to be ridden on a public highway. Most off road motorbikes do not meet this standard. Off road motorbikes also need the following if they are to be used on the public highway;

  • DVLA registration
  • Road Tax
  • Valid MOT
  • Fitted with lights
  • Fitted with registration plates

The rider must also;

  • Be aged 17 or over (or 16 if the vehicle meets the definition of a moped)
  • Hold a valid driving licence
  • Wear suitable safety equipment e.g. helmet

If off road bikes or motorbikes are causing a nuisance in your neighbourhood then call Police on 101. Police can stop vehicles which are being used in a careless, inconsiderate manner or is being ridden off road and it is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to the public. If, following a warning the person continues to offend, Police can seize and remove the vehicle.

Information that can help Police may include:

  • The name and address of the owner
  • Where the bike is stored
  • When and where the bike is being used (e.g. times and routes)
  • Descriptions of those that use the bike and its make/model/colour.


#OpYellowfin – tackling motorcycle related crime and antisocial behaviour.




Last Updated 15 Sep 2021

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