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Insp Mark Lovell
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Safer Schools partnership

Goole North Officers are keen to develop and maintain good relationships with our community. We have already built a great partnership with Goole Academy and regularly spend time in the School developing relationships with the staff and pupils. We want our community and young people to know who their Local Policing Team are and trust that we are visible, approachable and able to help. We have also been in to the school with East Riding Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Officer to speak to the young people about anti-social behaviour and the impact this can have on our communities.

Anti-Social Behaviour in Goole Town Centre

Anti-social behaviour is always a priority for us at the Neighbourhood Team. We are aware of the impact anti-social behaviour can have on people and communities blighted by the inconsiderate behaviour of others. We work very closely with our partners to resolve problems and ensure those people engaging in anti-social behaviour are challenged and held to account.

We are keen to hear from anyone that have concerns about anti-social behaviour and encourage people to report via 101, our non-emergency contact number.

If you are unsure whether the problem you wish to report is a Police matter then please follow this link for guidance;



We have seen a significant increase in reports about large groups of youths gathering in Goole Town Centre. Reports of anti-social behaviour, damage and fights are regularly being reported.

The presence of these groups are causing members of the public to feel intimidated and in some cases, disruption to businesses are being caused.

This is simply not acceptable and the Neighbourhood Team will be out patrolling the main areas, speaking to these groups and challenging this behaviour.

We appeal to parents to make sure that they are speaking to their children, so they know where they are and what they are up to when out socialising in the Town.

We will work closely with our partner agencies to address this problem. We will also be considering the use of community protection notices for those that choose to engage with anti-social behaviour and continue to persistently act in an unreasonable way which has a detrimental effect on others and the community.

A community protection notice can be issued to any person aged 16 years or over and will include conditions which will require the behaviour to stop. These can also be issued to parents who fail to take responsibility for their children or don’t take reasonable steps to ensure they behave in a reasonable way while in public.  Failure to comply can lead to a fine or a court order.

We also have the power to issue dispersal notices to remove people from an area where they are causing anti-social behaviour. If the direction to leave is ignored and that person returns they can be arrested and charged.

We want Goole to be a safe place for all and we want to reassure the public that we will be working pro-actively around this issue so that our community feel this way.


In the upcoming weeks PCSO Jones will be out in the centre of Town, along with Councillor Handley and the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, to engage with young people. We want to find out what it is that our young people would like to see in Goole and what we can do to help achieve this. Although there are youth clubs on offer in Goole , following a social media post which went out in January, it is clear there is a feeling that there is a  lack of places to go or things of interest to our young people which will encourage them away from gathering on streets and engaging in behaviour which may be a result of boredom.  Please come and talk to us about any ideas you may have.

Town Centre shops

Goole North Officers are currently looking in to the possibility of re-establishing a shop watch in Goole. We hope to build something which can reduce the impact of crime and promote a safe and profitable town. We will continue to engage with the businesses / shops in Goole on this. By working together and exploring what options are available we will try to drive this forward. 

Due to the Covid-19 virus, understandably, we have made the decision to cancel all Police surgeries and non-essential events until further notice. You can still get lots of information and advice on our Humberside Police website, or call 101 if you still require to speak to someone from the Neighbourhood Team.

Last Updated 23 Mar 2020

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