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Insp Robert Cocker
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Sergeant 1310 Rachel Brocklesby
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PC 0680 Martin Phillips
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PCSO 7597 Alan Roberts
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PCSO 7898 Andy Milner

News From This Area

4 Jan 2017
Humberside: Bicycles remain a popular present so please ensure you keep yours safe and register it on-line

We are urging cycle owners to make cycle security and registration their New Year’s resolution.

Bikes are always popular presents - from that memorable first bike to the latest top-spec machine for an enthusiastic amateur.

30 Dec 2016
Humberside: Please help us tackle the stolen goods market

We are urging people to get any new gifts they have bought or receive over Christmas registered free with the property logging website www.Immobilise.com. 

Doing so will mean your valuables are more likely to be returned if lost or stolen, as well as potentially catching a criminal in possession of stolen goods.

26 Oct 2016
Humberside: Lifestyle 2016 launched at Princes Quay on Saturday

Humberside Police’s Lifestyle project -which has inspired over 160,000 young people to make a difference in their community since 1989 - launched at Princes Quay on Saturday 7 May and teams are now being urged to register at www.humberside.police.uk/lifestyle.

19 Feb 2016
Humberside wide: Over 50 arrests, large quantity of drugs seized, money & property confiscated, weapons recovered during the Operation

Humberside Police are hailing Operation Impact – ‘a focus on tackling drug dealing and organised crime across the Humberside area’ - a success.

30 Nov 2015
What is MARAC and why is it so important?

If a person poses a serious risk to a partner or to others in our community, the police and our partners will implement a plan to ensure the public is protected and victims supported.
A week into the domestic abuse campaign, we offer an insight into the efforts Humberside Police and our partners make to keep our communities safe.

23 Nov 2015
Domestic Abuse: Speak Out, We Will Listen

Would it surprise you to know on average a victim will encounter 35 abusive incidents before they consider reporting it to the police?

9 Jul 2015
Cranswick: Can you help trace thieves?

Can you help to trace those responsible for stealing three HGVs from Cranswick Industrial Estate?

The offenders are believed to have cut the fencing around the DG Taylor Commercials Ltd compound near Driffield on Monday, July 6, returning during the night of Wednesday, July 8 and forcing their way into a building.

7 Jul 2015
We have had lots of recent reports of burglaries through open windows & doors

Following the very warm weather last week people can confidently say summer is here; unfortunately this historically results in an increase in homes being burgled as a result of sneak-in burglars entering through open windows and doors. 

Between July and August last year a third of all homes burgled were as a result of properties being left insecure (180 incidents). 

Key Information

There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet your local officers and talk to them about problems you're worried about. You can pop along to Police Surgeries, which are informal drop-in sessions at well visited places in the community. It's a chance to meet your local officers, tell them about crime and antisocial behaviour in your area and get crime prevention advice.

You can also have a say in what your local police and other agencies focus on in your area at Priority Setting Meetings. Any member of the community can go along and talk to local officers and PCSO's, council workers and people from Fire and Rescue about issues you face. What you say at these meetings will help the policing teams decide how they should focus their resources in your area. If you think we're getting it right or wrong at the moment, come along and have your say.


Last Updated 14 Sep 2017

PriorityStart DateDetails
114 Sep 2017

Criminal Damage

Humberside police are dealing positively with all reports of Criminal Damage across the area, aiming to reduce the number of reported incidents and reassuring the public. Patrols are increased in areas that are identified as having increased or reoccurring problems to do with criminal damage.
Advice or a home visit can be arranged with your PCSO’s based at Driffield Neighbourhood Policing team. 


214 Sep 2017

Theft of and from motor vehicles

Car crime makes up to 20% of all recorded crimes in England and Wales. Car crime is distressing and annoying as it can cause a lot of inconvenience waiting for repairs or your insurer to pay. That is why security features of your car should be as important as any other feature. A lot of vehicle crime results from criminals seeing opportunities and taking them. 
To make your vehicle secure.
Keep your valuables and possessions safe, don’t leave anything on display and take everything with you when you leave the vehicle.
Invest in a good security device, immobilisers and steering locks prevent the vehicle being driven away, locking wheel nuts prevent your wheels from being stolen. A professionally fitted alarm is also a good preventative initiative.
Thieves always like to steal from vehicles parked in places where they run the least risk of being seen. If you have to leave your vehicle parked in the open make sure it is locked and secure and left in a well lit and open to view.
Fuel theft is on the increase. Farm and commercial vehicles are being increasingly targeted, often due to the remote location they are kept in. 
Your local Neighbourhood policing team are happy to offer you advice on vehicle security.  For farmers and landowners the scheme “Farm Watch “has been set up, details can be obtained from Driffield Police Station.


314 Sep 2017

Shop Theft

Shop watch, a scheme evolved to identify shop thieves and alert shop owners, has been very successful in Driffield Town Centre. It has lead to prosecutions of shop thieves and results in them being banned from shops. Shop owners are to be commended for working with the Driffield Neighbourhood Team and making this scheme successful.

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