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Coronovirus (Covid-19) update

We encourage everyone to follow the Government guidance and #StayHomeSaveLives. For this reason we will not be holding any more engagement events with our communities for the foreseeable future. Whilst we love seeing you, these events are non-essential in the current circumstances.   

You will still see us out and about as we continue to do our job and keep our communities safe. As always there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us if you need us.

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Insp Richard Mirfin
Insp Richard Mirfin
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Sgt 2125 Shane Jackson
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PC 1382 Dean Southam
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PC 2021 Graham McNally
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PCSO 7513 Nicola Ellis
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PCSO 7518 Michael Gains
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PCSO 7693 Lisa Howie
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PCSO 7759 Tessa Gazi-Sporski

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Monday, 21 Sep 2020 15:31
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Friday, 18 Sep 2020 14:05
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Friday, 18 Sep 2020 10:10
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Residential: Burglary alert

What's Happening In Your Area?


Off Road Motorcycles - Across the ward

August 2020

As the sometimes good weather that we have experienced continues, nuisance motorbikes have consistently been a problem for our community. As such a Community Trigger has been opened for in depth discussion and problem solving around issues on Foxhill’s Sports Field and we are working closely with North Lincolnshire Council, ONGO Homes and Safer Neighbourhoods in resolving the issues.

As your local Policing Team, we have looked at ways of identifying suspects, targeting locations where bikes are stored, location changes using site visits with our Crime Reduction Officer and issuing letters to youths and their parents banning them from certain areas whilst also outlining ‘what will happen next’ if they continue with their behaviour, which has formed part of Op Atoll, targeting those causing anti-social behaviour and will be expanded across the Ward area.

We have worked with partner agencies, such as ONGO to use their powers which add weight and the risk of losing a tenancy after servicing notice for breach of tenancy, and Safer Neighbourhoods who have been speaking with residents and pushing cases through the Anti-Social Behaviour Panel process, which involves a multi-agency approach.

Over recent months we have reached out to thousands of households across North Lincolnshire, through social media and we understand that the antisocial use of off road motorcycles is causing concern in your community. The policing team have been working really hard to respond to local concerns in respect of this issue and while good progress in some areas we recognise that there is still more to do.

The information provided by the community allows us to plan our Op Yellowfin activity with purpose and continue to seize motorcycles where a Police power exists, and have also visited fuel stations to ask the staff there to assist us by not serving to those who meet a certain criteria.

We want to be clear- we will not be tolerating the criminal use of motorcycles in any way and we will use all powers at our disposal to recover bikes for disposal, and to hold those responsible to account.

We are appealing for information from our local communities as to the details of who is responsible for riding these bikes and would encourage people with information to make contact on either 101 or alternatively, anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

August 2020

Operation Atoll continues to take place, although there was an initial reduction in ASB problems due to Covid-19, this has seen an increase in associated incidents compared to the previous month, there seems to be large groups congregating around certain areas of the ward causing issues.

An area that has been highlighted is in and around Robinson Close and Davy Avenue, which has again seen an increase in demand, with youths from across Scunthorpe gathering to cause arson and other form of criminal damage, theft, intimidation, and general anti-social behaviour.

There was a big reduction around the activity in this area following the issuing of 28 day banning letters, but the issues had crept back in during the Covid-19 period, with complains and offences within that area increasing again.

We continue to build evidence towards action we will be taking to reduce the impact of these individuals, which will have an impact ward wide in lowering the level of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Furthermore with have been working with Ongo Homes and our Crime Reduction officer and looking at ways of improving the local area. It was highlighted to Ongo Homes of a damage door which has been rectified with a newer, stronger one put in place.

Another area that is causing issues on the Ward is within the locality of Berkeley Park. In recent months, due to Covid-19 and the parks being locked, there had been a reduction for calls for service. However since restrictions have been lifted and the park unlocked there is issues that have started to reappear.

The park is reportedly being used by large groups of youth including older teens, with general anti-social behaviour and possible drug dealing taking place, and is alleged to be occurring during the day and late evening. Several local residents who have spoken to the group and been met with resistance, finding themselves direct targets.

We are working with our partners to find ways of changing the location and our patrols within the area has resulted in positive interaction with those using the park, with gentle education being taken on board.

The skate park has been removed and taken to Sheffield Park which has increased the size of the skate park there and reduced the issues at Berkeley Park. We are now starting to get calls for service with youths gathering at the sheltered area to the front of the church on Mirfield Road.

Please, if you see any incidents of this nature, not only in the areas described above but anywhere else, we would encourage people with information to make contact on either 101 or alternatively, anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Household Burglaries: Crosby and Park

August 2020

Recently there had been an increase of burglaries across the ward. The Crosby and Park team have been working hard to provide support and guidance to prevent further offences; to develop intelligence as to those responsible; while also speaking with our communities about places stolen property may be sold or disposed.

In areas that have been highlighted as a large increase in offences, we recently completed some patrols of the area and posted leaflets about crime prevention advice in certain areas of the ward making them aware of the problems.

Please help us by making such you keep your property safe and give criminals a hard time, with the warm weather we occasionally may forget to lock our sheds, side gates, garages or cars, which gives the opportunist criminal easy pickings, and likely to return to the area.

While a number of enquiries are being developed, we would encourage everyone to take a look on our website to find a range of security advice and guidance for your home.

If anybody has information about those responsible for these type of offences, then please contact us through the 101 number or alternatively, by calling Crimestoppers anonymously (0800 555 111).

Updates - Crosby

August 2020

Patrols have been out and about in the problem ASB areas, we have seen a reduction in the number of youths around Berkeley Park and those that are there have been engaging with the patrols

In respect of Robinson Close, again it has been highlighted the issues in the area and we are working with Ongo and Crime Reduction Officer to improve the area. Patrols have been in the area and several youths have been spoken to and one dealt with for possession.

On our patrols we have come across, several house parties that have gatherings in excess of whats is allowed in a private residence, these have been dealt with but please remember Covid is still with us.

Operation Yellowfin continues and continues to be a success as there is a reduction in the number of calls for service from motor bikes.

Social Media continues to be used and is well received, together with our business usual media posts, which have been very active and has resulted in a positive interaction and feedback from our users.

July 2020

Increased patrols in the area of Berkeley Park as there has been an increase in calls for service due to ASB incidents in the park. We have been down to the park and have engaged with teenagers in the park positively.

Meeting with Crime Reduction Officer and visits to Atkinson Warren and Foxhills Sports Field, highlighting areas that can be improved to reduce the access of off road motor bikes and also quad bikes.

As we continue with Operation Yellowfin, today petrol stations in the local ward area were visited and given advice regards selling fuel to Under 1's and also ensuring that if containers are used that they are of the correct standard, furthermore we have again been seizing off road motor bikes.

June 2020

Sheffield Park Avenue have been having issues with speeding motorists in the area, late at night. There is a problem exploration being carried out with local residents. One driver has already been warned about his manor of driving and once feedback has been received there will be more to come.

Tensions have been high in several communities of the East Timorese residents on the ward. Engagement has been carried out, in company with the Community Cohesion Officer, with several families of the East Timor Community. There has been an increase of patrols in the problem areas, being to and from their places of work. Letters have been handed out to the East Timor Community advising them of these issues and how we can assist.

May 2020

There has been some days of action, however on the majority of days we have been supporting Operation Cameron in respect of Covid-19 restrictions. There has been several large gatherings that have been dispersed and educated on the restrictions.

Issues regards Mirfield Park have dropped off due to the parks being closed as part of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Within the schools, although running on a skeleton staff and pupils, we have still attended some and given reassurance visits.

There are several addresses that we continue to gather information on with a view of possible investigations and closure orders. Of these addresses Operation Galaxy have executed warrants and a couple of other addresses have been successful in obtaining closure notices. We continue to look for other addresses causing issues in which Operation Galaxy can leave their calling card.

The issues raised regards the social distancing by different Communities working at Two Sisters, has reduced considerably. Contact was made with HR within the company for them to advise their staff regarding distancing in general, especially when travelling to and from work. The team have subsequently, attended, with the cohesion officer and reminded staff of the restrictions by providing a letter in their own language.


As we continue to deal with nuisance motorcycles, one was seized from an address on the Crosby area after being seen by officers riding about on footpaths # OPYellowfin


A further address on Diana Street had been causing issues in the local community and again the local policing team have gathered information and intelligence concerning this address and been successful in obtaining a closure notice by the courts.



An address on Diana Street that was causing a lot of ASB in the area has had a closure order submitted.


Problem residents known for drug dealing have now been removed from property on Sheffield St through partnership working between local policing team and the Landlord.

Also High Viz patrols are continuing regarding Anti-Social Behaviour in and around Robinson Close/Theodore Rd area.

2 x motorbikes have been seized under section 59 powers. One from Crosby Ave & one Dewsbury Ave # OPYellowfin.


We have been working together with Ongo in relation to drug dealing at an address on Berkeley St.  This has since resulted in the tenant being evicted


We are currently running Op Atoll in response to calls for service of anti-social behaviour around Robinson Close/Theodore Road area. So far 8 offending youths have been identified and all have been visited in their homes and issued warning letters.

Last Updated 30 Aug 2020

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