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Coronovirus (Covid-19) update

We encourage everyone to follow the Government guidance and #StayHomeSaveLives. For this reason we will not be holding any more engagement events with our communities for the foreseeable future. Whilst we love seeing you, these events are non-essential in the current circumstances.   

You will still see us out and about as we continue to do our job and keep our communities safe. As always there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us if you need us.

Stay informed through our social media channels, find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Don't forget to also sign up to My Community Alert and receive community alerts directly to your devices.

For incidents that don’t require an immediate response call our non-emergency 101 line. You can also report non-emergency crimes online via our reporting portal. In an emergency always dial 999.

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Insp Mark Fletcher
Insp Mark Fletcher
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Sgt 89 Nicola Graham
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PC 0912 Mark Raper
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PCSO 7611 Rebecca Jennings

Community Alerts

Community Surgery (Humberside Police)

Friday, 26 Jun 2020 14:29
Humberside Police
Local news

Suspicious Vehicle (Humberside Police)

Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 14:38
Humberside Police
Suspicious circumstances


Wednesday, 24 Jun 2020 12:40
Humberside Police
Residential: Burglary alert

BURGLARY in HAXEY (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020 17:46
Humberside Police
Residential: Burglary alert

Coronavirus Scams (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2020 09:55
Humberside Police
General crime prevention message

Hot Weather Crime Prevention (Humberside Police)

Monday, 22 Jun 2020 15:45
Humberside Police
General crime prevention message

What's Happening In Your Area?


Doorstep Crime

To further support the prevention of crime in our communities, we have been working with North Lincolnshire council and launched Trade Watch to help stop residents in rural areas being a target of crime.

The voluntary scheme has been created following reports of door step crime across the county.

It will enable residents to feel safe in their community and send out a clear message that rogue traders and criminal activity will not be accepted.

As part of the scheme, residents will agree not to commit to any work offered on the doorstep and report any suspicious companies or activities to the police.

Residents in rural areas can sign up to the scheme, once they do, they will receive a Trade Watch window sticker and supporting information.

Where full streets or villages take part in the scheme, street signs are available for them to display.

Living in a Trade Watch area will reduce the risk of being approached or becoming a victim of door step crime.

To find out more about Trade Watch, contact the council’s Safer Neighbourhoods team on 01724 244665 or email.

UPDATE 15/06/2020

High visibility patrols are still continuing all over the Isle, if you see us and would like to discuss any local issues while adhering to the governments guidelines on socail distancing, although lockdown is easing over the next few weeks crimes are continuing to be comitted in all areas. with the warmer weather a small window can be targeted by "opportunist" burglars. if you are in your garden make sure that your house is secure and nobody can just walk in undetected, 

Rural crime - Poaching / Hare Coursing

UPDATE 15/06/2020

Although the Hare Coursing season is currently closed we have been getting reports of Lamping in the area. There have been and still continue to be reports of sheep theft in and around North Lincolnshire if you see any suspicious activity or anything out of place report on 101. 

You can find out more about Rural and Wildlife Crime here

Vulnerability - keeping people safe

Over recent years Humberside Police has made considerable effort to focus on Vulnerability. Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities are protected. Very often as a police service we are the first point of contact for many people. Having this contact enables us to identify vulnerabilities at an early stage. This will ensure that people who need support and protection receive the correct level of service from both the police and our partners such as social care, mental health services and services in the third sector.

A person is vulnerable if as a result of their situation or circumstances, they are unable to take care or protect themselves, or others, from harm or exploitation. Protecting vulnerable children and adults.

What do we do ?

  • by providing public reassurance through effective deployment of our resources
  • by working with our partners (ONGO, other social housing providers, NLC Safer Neighbourhoods, Victim Support, REMEDI)
  • gather intelligence in relation to any incident involving a vulnerable person to minimise the risk to them
  • maximise opportunities to secure evidence when offences are committed against vulnerable people to ensure offenders are brought to justice and reduce the risk of further victimisation

How do we do this ?

  • complete vulnerable adult assessments and share information with our partners
  • complete vulnerable child assessments for those under 17 and share information with our partners
  • complete Antisocial Behaviour risk assessments to decide on what support is required and work with partners to deliver this
  • ensure that high risk victims are referred promptly which triggers discussion at the Monthly ASB Panel meetings where all partners agree actions to support the victim and reduce their risk

UPDATE 15/06/2020

With the warmer weather the Local Policing team are asking residents to be vigilant regarding the security of your home and out buildings, Even the smallest window left open can be targeted by an"oppotunist" burglar, if you are out in your garden make sure your house is secure and that nobody can enter undetected,

Seasonal Crime

House/shed/garage burglaries have featured over the last  month as the dark nights have set in.Whilst we do not want to concern residents, we would like to remind everyone of some basic home security measures which can significantly reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary.

The most likely entry point for a burglar is via the rear so do not neglect security there. Fit an alarm or a dummy alarm box. Many people point out that when an alarm sounds nobody takes any notice these days. The burglar will though. Install a security light which works on a movement sensor to light up areas which a burglar may use for cover. Use timer switches to turn lights on when you are not in. Ensure any gates at the rear are locked, not just with a bolt near the top which can be opened by reaching over.

Thieves do not want to be seen and surveillance is often provided by neighbours who live opposite or who overlook your property. Do not allow bushes and hedges to grow too high.

Consider the security on your shed. Is it proportionate to the value of items you keep inside such as cycles and garden equipment? e.g. an expensive cycle stored in a wooden shed with only a £2.50 padlock for security. It is also worth noting that a burglar will sometimes use an item which is easily taken from a poorly secured shed to facilitate their entry into a house. Fit trellis along the top of fencing at the rear as this will break if a burglar tries to climb over your fence. Spiky / prickly bushes and climbers are also a deterrent.

Report all suspicious circumstances. Door-to-door salesman appertaining to be selling energy or double-glazing are often checking out and planning future burglaries or even trying their luck there and then if they get no reply to knocking. In rural communities, local residents know when someone or something looks out of place far more than in urban areas.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch (NW) group or start one up yourself. The role of co-ordinator does not have to be a burdensome role and your group can be as small or large as you wish. In effect the key role of a NHW co-ordinator is to act as a conduit for police information which in today’s world is literally the touch of a button. The vital part is that police have that single point of contact in as many areas as possible. NHW is proven to reduce and prevent crime and it is an initiative well suited to rural communities where traditional community spirit still exists. We would also ask for your assistance in keeping an eye on any properties where you know the occupants are away or out for whatever length of time. Our intelligence suggests that the offenders are ‘doing their homework’ in identifying properties from which to steal. If you see any suspicious activity then please call 999 if you believe a crime is about to be committed or 101 if you noted suspicious activity which has now passed. If you are able to get descriptions of persons or vehicle details without putting yourself in any danger, then that would be valuable information.

UPDATE 15/06/2020

We continue to patrol in all areas, we are still getting reports of ASB on mopeds/motorbikes if you can identify the rider or the address where the bikes  are stored, or do you have any cctv footage or a photograph which identifies the rider please report on 101 op Yellowfin is a police operation to tackle any crime associated with off road bikes, stolen mopeds, bikes, report any sightings on 101 

Vehicle speeding 

If you are interested in finding out more visit Safer Roads Humber.

UPDATE 15/06/2020

Speed enforcement is to be resumed on the Isle. if you are still having issues in any local locations please report to your local policing team 

We have been getting reports of motorbikes causing a nuisence in all area's of North Lincolnshire and on the Isle, if you know who is riding them and an address where they are stored or clear CCTV footage, a Photograph of the bike/rider and we can identify them then please call on 101 with a view to us paying them a visit and using police powers. 

Last Updated 7 Jul 2020

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