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Insp Mark Fletcher has recently taken over leadership of the neighbourhood teams policing for rural North Lincolnshire.  You can find out a bit more about him and his role here.

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Insp Mark Fletcher
Insp Mark Fletcher
Sgt 89 Nicola Graham
Sgt 89 Nicola Graham
PC 0912 Mark Raper
PC 0912 Mark Raper
PCSO 7799 Alan Tye
PCSO 7799 Alan Tye

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Saturday, 11 Oct 2019 17:35
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SCAM E-MAILS (Humberside Police)

Sunday, 21 Sep 2019 16:38
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Residential: Scam alert

BURGLAY ADVICE (Humberside Police)

Saturday, 13 Sep 2019 14:14
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Residential: Burglary alert

BURGLARY IN CROWLE (Humberside Police)

Thursday, 11 Sep 2019 09:03
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Residential: Burglary alert

BURGLARIES (Humberside Police)

Saturday, 6 Sep 2019 20:48
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Residential: Burglary alert

WHAT3WORDS (Humberside Police)

Thursday, 7 Aug 2019 13:03
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Community Safety News

What's Happening In Your Area?


Poaching / Hare Coursing:

Over recent months we have received reports from our local communities reporting concerns around poaching and hare-coursing, both during the day and during the hours of darkness.

We recognise how incidents of this nature can make residents in our rural communities feel distressed, uneasy and unsafe. 

We are absolutely committed to taking action against those causing harm to our rural communities.

We continue to drive our activities under Operation Gallileo and work closely with residents and farmers across our communities, along with partners and colleagues from our bordering Police Forces to tackle this offending and to bring those to justice.

We hold regular days of action, both during the day and hours of darkness to target those using rural Humberside communities for this type of offending.

We will do all we can to disrupt their offending behaviours and this includes seizing vehicles, dogs and applying for court orders to prohibit their return to our area in the future if necessary.

You can find out more about Rural & Wildlife Crime here

Doorstep Crime

To further support the prevention of crime in our communities, we have been working with North Lincolnshire council and launched Trade Watch to help stop residents in rural areas being a target of crime.

The voluntary scheme has been created following reports of door step crime across the county.

It will enable residents to feel safe in their community and send out a clear message that rogue traders and criminal activity will not be accepted.

As part of the scheme, residents will agree not to commit to any work offered on the doorstep and report any suspicious companies or activities to the police.

Residents in rural areas can sign up to the scheme, once they do, they will receive a Trade Watch window sticker and supporting information.

Where full streets or villages take part in the scheme, street signs are available for them to display.

Living in a Trade Watch area will reduce the risk of being approached or becoming a victim of door step crime.

To find out more about Trade Watch, contact the council’s Safer Neighbourhoods team on 01724 244665 or email.

Antisocial Behaviour  & parking complaints in Crowle

There have been reports of ASB in and around Cross Street and Chapel Street where plants have been uprooted. There are also parking problems in the same area. 

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team are working with Safer Neighbourhoods to canvass local residents to explore this problem in further detail. We will then be developing initiatives in order to tackle this issue working closely with partners and the local community. 


Problem exploration forms have been delivered to over 100 houses in the locality by your neighbourhood pcso. Once the feedback is received the neighbourhood team will be meeting with Safer Neighbourhoods to discuss the key themes and which is the appropriate agency to lead the problem solving.


A very small sample of responses were received from the problem exploration forms and the feedback was in relation to matters other than antisocial behaviour and parking. It is recognised that theses are residential streets, not designed for the volume of cars that wish to park there. Working with Safer Neighbourhoods we encourage residents and visitors to park courteously and lawfully.

Paste  this link into your browser to view the guidance on parking contained within the Highway Code -

Vulnerability - keeping people safe

Over recent years Humberside Police has made considerable effort to focus on Vulnerability. Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities are protected. Very often as a police service we are the first point of contact for many people. Having this contact enables us to identify vulnerabilities at an early stage. This will ensure that people who need support and protection receive the correct level of service from both the police and our partners such as social care, mental health services and services in the third sector.

A person is vulnerable if as a result of their situation or circumstances, they are unable to take care or protect themselves, or others, from harm or exploitation. Protecting vulnerable children and adults.

What do we do ?

  • by providing public reassurance through effective deployment of our resources
  • by working with our partners (ONGO, other social housing providers, NLC Safer Neighbourhoods, Victim Support, REMEDI)
  • gather intelligence in relation to any incident involving a vulnerable person to minimise the risk to them
  • maximise opportunities to secure evidence when offences are committed against vulnerable people to ensure offenders are brought to justice and reduce the risk of further victimisation

How do we do this ?

  • complete vulnerable adult assessments and share information with our partners
  • complete vulnerable child assessments for those under 17 and share information with our partners
  • complete Antisocial Behaviour risk assessments to decide on what support is required and work with partners to deliver this
  • ensure that high risk victims are referred promptly which triggers discussion at the Monthly ASB Panel meetings where all partners agree actions to support the victim and reduce their risk


Last Updated 9 Oct 2019

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