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Insp Mark Fletcher has recently taken over leadership of the neighbourhood teams policing for rural North Lincolnshire.  You can find out a bit more about him and his role here.

Meet Your Team

Insp Mark Fletcher
Insp Mark Fletcher
Sgt 89 Nicola Graham
Sgt 89 Nicola Graham
PC 875 Nigel Grant
PC 875 Nigel Grant
PCSO 7764 Julian Campbell
PCSO 7764 Julian Campbell

Community Alerts

Road Closure A18 Melton Ross (Humberside Police)

Sunday, 22 Feb 2020 15:54
Humberside Police
Road Safety and Traffic

Road Rage Incident in the area of East Common Lane (Humberside Police)

Sunday, 15 Feb 2020 10:24
Humberside Police
Residential: Crime alert

Anti Social Behaviour and Criminal Damage to Fencing Bottesford Road (Humberside Police)

Tuesday, 10 Feb 2020 16:28
Humberside Police
Residential: Anti-social behaviour

What's Happening In Your Area?


Nuisance Motorcyles - Ashby ward wide 

Over recent months we have visited thousands of households across North Lincolnshire and we understand that the antisocial use of off road motorcycles is causing concern in your community. The policing team have been working really hard to respond to local concerns in respect of this issue and while good progress was made around some of our more urban communities, we recognise that there is still more to do – especially regarding the impact in our rural areas.

Over recent weeks and months we will continue to prioritise our activity around this issue, included a number of tactics as part of Operation Yellowfin.

We continue to undertake Op Yellowfin 'days of action' which is seeing more and more nuisance motorbikes being stopped and seized. We are absolutely committed to continuing in this approach while this remains a priority issue. 

We will use our powers under the Road Traffic Act and the Police Reform Act to target those who ride unlawfully and cause disruption to the community. Legislation under the Road Traffic Act will cover offences such as riding elsewhere than on a road, no driving licence, no insurance, disqualified driving. Legislation under the Police Reform Act triggers powers of seizure of motorcycles used unlawfuly or in an antisocial manner. The initial action requires a verbal warning to be issued to the rider if they have ridden carelessly or elsewhere than on a road. Their details and the details of the vehicle are then loaded onto the Police National Computer. Any further instances involving that rider (even if they are using a different vehicle) and that vehicle trigger police powers of seizure.  We do conduct an investigation into the offences of careless driving or driving elsewhere than on a road in any case, where the evidence exists.

We are appealing for information from our local communities as to the details of who is responsible for riding these bikes and also where they are being stored or housed.

UPDATE 13/03/2020

We have positively identified a rider who was seen riding in an antisocial manner.  The local policing team are working to resolve this issue. 

There have been several calls for service over the last month in relation to bikes in the area of Everest Road field.  The local policing team continue to patrol the area regularly and work to gain more intelligence on this issue.  Please report any issues or information to us.   




Vulnerability - keeping people safe

Over recent years Humberside Police has made considerable effort to focus on Vulnerability. Everyone in the organisation has a responsibility to ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities are protected. Very often as a police service we are the first point of contact for many people. Having this contact enables us to identify vulnerabilities at an early stage. This will ensure that people who need support and protection receive the correct level of service from both the police and our partners such as social care, mental health services and services in the third sector.

A person is vulnerable if as a result of their situation or circumstances, they are unable to take care or protect themselves, or others, from harm or exploitation. Protecting vulnerable children and adults.

What do we do ?

  • by providing public reassurance through effective deployment of our resources
  • by working with our partners (ONGO, Longhurst Housing, NLC Safer Neighbourhoods, Victim Support, REMEDI)
  • gather intelligence in relation to any incident involving a vulnerable person to minimise the risk to them
  • maximise opportunities to secure evidence when offences are committed against vulnerable people to ensure offenders are brought to justice and reduce the risk of further victimisation

How do we do this ?

  • complete vulnerable adult assessments and share information with our partners
  • complete vulnerable child assessments for those under 17 and share information with our partners
  • complete Antisocial Behaviour risk assessments to decide on what support is required and work with partners to deliver this
  • ensure that high risk victims are referred promptly which triggers discussion at the Monthly ASB Panel meetings where all partners agree actions to support the victim and reduce their risk.

UPDATE 13/03/2020

Members of the local policing team continue to support a vulnerable female on the area.  This female is now engaging with agencies and Police which has reduced her risk of harm. 

We are working with a male with vulnerabilities who is being targeted by local youths.  WE are working alongside ONGO to help support this male and carry out joint visits. 


AntiSocial Behaviour Lakeside Retail Park

We have been receiving reports over October and November of youths causing annoyance, being disruptive and disrespectful at the retail premises on the retail park. In particular these issues are being experienced outside of Morrisons, McDonalds, KFC & Burger King.  This affects the businesses providing a service to the community and causes unnecessary anxiety to those using the facilities they provide. The youths congregate around the fronts of the businesses and inside, and in some circumstances are refusing to leave when asked to do so. This generates demand for the police who have to attend to minimise disruption and ensure offences are not being committed.

UPDATE 13/03/2020

3 males have been visited and spoken to in front of parents as being part of this issue.  They have received banning letters for the shops and have each had a referral to ASB panel.

On 30/02/20 The local Policing team were out and about, patrolling the area in company with staff from Frederick Gough school. 

Since the start of February we have had 2 calls for service in relation to boy racers in the area.  No registration numbers have been passed as yet and we are working with McDonalds who have agreed that their security guard will be working enhanced hours. 

We have the use of Section 35 powers, which we can utilise in relation to youths gathering and causing Anti social behaviour.  There will be arrests made if individuals decide to engage in Anti Social Behaviour when warnings have been issued.  




Drug Dealing - ward wide

We understand there are concerns in respect of drug dealing across the Ashby ward and we are absolutely committed to taking robust action. There have been a number of proactive warrants executed over recent months as can be seen in Southfield Road, Cornwall Road, Marshfield Road and Everest Road.

Update 13/03/2020

The Operation Galaxy Team carried out a warrant on the Ashby Ward on 6 March 2020.  £1,000 worth of drugs was seized and 3 people arrested, this was with the help of community intelligence.

The Local policing team continue to liaise with OP GALAXY staff and share intelligence between us.  Please call Crime Stoppers as below or 101 to inform us of activity that you are aware of.  

We have now launched operation Galaxy - which is a specialised team that are tackling drug dealing, cultivation and use. Please continue to report drug related matters. There have been numerous warrants executed in the Ashby ward area and several people have been arrested. The neighbourhood team take an active part within these operations. We will continue to target criminals and build up intelligence to secure warrants.

CrimeStoppers is a tried and tested method of reporting anonymous information to the police. We will assess and where the evidence exists, take positive action on reports of drug dealing, via this mechanism.

CrimeStoppers can be reached via their website or on 0800 555 111.

Last Updated 23 Mar 2020

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