Share the Road

Share the Road is asking all road users to think about their attitudes on the road. If we were all a bit more considerate, rather than competing and losing our temper, then we'd all have better, safer and less stressful journeys.

All road users - motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and farmers - are affected by the issues we face today: the pace of traffic and the pace of life.

What we are asking is for everyone to be more considerate and SHARE THE ROAD.

Whether you are a driver, cyclist or both, by understanding other road users can help your anticipation and forward planning skills and ability to take evasive action, leading to safer roads and less conflict between road users.

Misunderstanding is a major cause of conflict. Some cyclists feel threatened by inconsiderate driving and close overtaking. Whilst some drivers can’t understand why cyclists at times ride in the middle of the road, or ride two abreast.

We hope that by sharing the below guidance with you, whether a motorist, motorcyclist, cyclist, horse rider or pedestrian, everyone gets to their destination safely

Advice and information

The Road Safety Department at RoSPA are the experts in the area of road safety and have an excellent website with up to date information for everyone.  We can’t list it all here so are sharing the link to their website:

RoSPA produces a vast array of advice and information on all areas of road safety and accident prevention. Drivers, riders, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders will all find information related to their mode of transport. Find the latest guidance HERE