Ride along scheme (RAS)

Humberside Police will consider anyone to participate on the Ride Along Scheme regardless of sex, marital or family status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion or belief, politics, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, social position or social disadvantage.

To realise the aim of extending the Ride Along Scheme to as many people as possible, and given the forces finite resources, participants will be restricted to one observation in any one calendar year.

Participants of the Ride Along Scheme must be residents in the Humberside Police area. This is due to high demand for the scheme.

In respect of age participants in the scheme must:

Be aged 18 years or above.  However, Local Neighbourhood Police Team Supervision have the discretion to allow those aged 16 years or older to attend the RAS if they have a  specific reason - for example, a school project or participation by a youth on any  initiative that would be advantageous to both the observer and to the force. 

Persons under the age of 18 will not be allowed to accompany a police officer on routine patrol.

Other conditions which apply are that participants: 

* have no serious or recent convictions 

The RAS single point of contact (SPOC)  will arrange for a check to take place on Police Computer systems  to confirm that the applicant has no serious or recent convictions. Where the candidate has a historic conviction for a minor offence, and / or poses a security risk,  a decision will be sought regarding suitability. 

* Read and agree to the Confidentiality Agreement, Observer Briefing Sheet and Risk Assessment.

Humberside Police has a duty of care towards the observer, members of the public with whom they may come into contact and its staff. Health and Safety and Data Protection legislation will be balanced with the need for the force to develop trust and confidence amongst all sections of the community through this scheme.

Specifically the protection of life, the prevention of injury and the need to maintain individuals’ privacy in certain sensitive cases will take precedence over the RAS scheme.

Whilst every effort will be made to get the observer as close to the work of front line officers as is possible, there may be occasions, where for reasons of safety or privacy, the observer is asked to withdraw to a safe distance.

Observers must follow any instructions given by accompanying staff member at all times during the Ride Along. For example, if observing incidents they may be asked to leave or remain in a police vehicle to ensure their safety.

The force reserves the right to refuse participation in this scheme and to terminate the Ride Along, if it is necessary for the officer or member of staff to carry out their work effectively, efficiently and safely.

To participate on the RAS observers must have no medical conditions or injuries that will expose the observer to any additional risk of harm. Where a condition that could affect the placement is disclosed the Ride Along SPOC  will request the advice of the Force Medical Officer prior to the placement regarding suitability and any additional measures required to counter any specific risks beyond those set out in the Generic Risk Assessment.