Do the police deal with noise complaints? 

The lead agency for noise complaints is your local council. Environmental Health officers at the council hold the power to conduct investigations and if required, seize equipment. Humberside Police take reports of noise complaints dependent on the situation but please be aware that you may be directed to contact the council for them to deal with the complaint.  [Read more here]

What should I do if there is an unknown vehicle parked outside my house? 

If the vehicle has damage, is insecure or not parked in accordance with traffic regulations then please call 101 with the vehicle registration number, make and model of the vehicle in order for the vehicle checks to be conducted. If the vehicle is parked legally then there is no action for the police to take.  [Read more here]

I am aware of a vehicle that has no tax and/or MOT 

Vehicles with no tax can be reported directly to the DVLA .    Vehicles with no MOT can be reported to Humberside Police on 101. [Read more here]  You can check the MOT status of a vehicle on the Gov.uk website.

I’ve found/lost an animal

Humberside Police do not deal with found/lost dogs these are all dealt with by your local council dog warden. However if the dog is violent or potentially a banned breed then please call 101 for advice. Any animal can be taken to a local vets to try to locate the owner. Larger animals that have the potential to cause any issues such as disruption to traffic, please call 101 for advice or if there is an immediate danger to road users then call 999. [Read more here]

My partner won’t return children/let me see my children

Humberside Police will not get involved in child custody agreements, these need to be directed to your solicitor, court if there is a court agreement in place or social services. However, if there are any immediate concerns about the children’s welfare then please call 101 for advice.