Reclaiming a seized vehicle for no insurance or valid licence

If a vehicle has been seized, it may be reclaimed by the person who was the owner or the DVLA Registered Keeper of the vehicle at the time it was seized.

Before the vehicle will be returned, the owner or keeper must comply with certain legal requirements. Each of these requirements must be complied with on receipt of the seizure notice, which will have been given to the driver at the roadside or sent to the Registered Keeper by post.

If the vehicle is not recovered, the vehicle will be disposed of 15 days after the vehicle was seized in line with the Road Traffic Act (Retention and Disposal of Seized Motor Vehicles) Regulations 2005

The guidance contained in the documents below apply in respect of seizures carried out by officers of Humberside Police. Please read them carefully before attending the Police Enquiry Office to reclaim your vehicle.

Where this guidance refers to the 'keeper', or 'Registered Keeper' this is the person or organisation which was registered at DVLA as the keeper on the day the vehicle was seized. Where the guidance refers to the 'owner', this is the person or organisation who/which can provide verifiable evidence that they were the owner of the vehicle at the time the vehicle was seized.

Once the conditions relating to the production of documentation have been complied with, your seizure form will be signed and stamped by the enquiry office clerk. You will need to present this at the recovery agents when you attend to collect the vehicle.   The agent will not release the vehicle unless this document is produced.

Before release, the agent will wish to see photographic identification to prove that the claimant who attended the police station is the same person claiming the vehicle from the compound.

Guidance documents

There are a number of guidance documents which are available to view below which cover specific areas relating to recovering a vehicle

Collecting the vehicle, documentation required and selling it afterwards

This guidance document provides information about:

  • Getting the vehicle back, using a third party driver to help you recover the vehicle
  • What to do at the vehicle compound
  • What documentary evidence you are required to produce
  • Sell a vehicle after it has been seized.

Valid certificate of insurance and valid driving licence requirements

This guidance document provides information about what is classed as a:

  • Valid certificate of insurance
  • Valid driving licence.

Motor traders and trade insurance

This guidance document provides information about:

  • Guidance for motor traders
  • Open or trade insurance.