Protecting your devices

Your mobile is so much more than a phone. It’s your phone book, internet, email, social media, maps, personal banker, camera, photo library and weather forecaster. That’s why we strongly advise you to read on, to see how you can prevent yourself from being a victim of mobile theft.

Don’t leave your phone, iPad, tablet or camera unattended, out of your sight or left on a table – thieves can grab a phone in seconds.

Always be aware of your mobile and your whereabouts and act accordingly. And when you’ve finished using it, put it away.

Ensure you retain a record of your phone's IMEI number. This is a 15-digit unique number which can be obtained by keying in *#06#. You need this information if the phone is lost or stolen. And don’t keep a note of it on your phone as it defeats the object.

Use your device’s security features, apps or PIN locking mechanisms to protect your data and prevent the phone being used if stolen.I

Register for free on an accredited mobile phone database such as Immobilise. This helps police to identify you as the rightful owner.

Track it. Consider installing a tracker app on your smartphone. They’re readily available online. If your mobile’s ever stolen, act promptly.