Protect your motorbike

Motorcycle crime

Motorbikes can be lifted and carried away even when locked, so ones left vulnerable are especially attractive to thieves.

Here are four handy ways for you to keep your bike safe and sound.

  • Always secure your motorcycle with the fork and ignition locks, remembering to remove the keys
  • Set the alarm and immobiliser every time you leave it unattended. Don’t have an alarm? Consider having one fitted and look for it to be Thatcham or equivalent security graded. 
  • Invest in a quality Sold Secure chain and padlock and always lock the bike to an immovable object, like a bike park securing rail or a ground anchor.
  • Chain and anchor the bike even when storing it in a garage or shed at home, and consider fitting a disc lock.  

Parking your motorbike

  • When parking a motorbike, remember to think about a few added considerations. 
  • Always chain your bike to a floor anchor or solid, immovable structure. If a fixed anchor point is not available, chain two bikes together.
  • Try to park out the general view of passers-by to minimise the chance of your bike being seen by an opportunistic criminal. 
  • If the bike is on open view in the street or in your garden, cover it with a bike cover. This stops thieves from surveying what type of security devices you are using and planning how to overcome them.

We have an ongoing police operation to tackle motobike crime and anti-social behaviour look out in our news pages for the latest about #OpYellowfin