Protect your home

We work hard to prevent burglary and bring offenders to justice.

However there are things that residents can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary.

We find that many homes are left unsecured with doors and windows left open or unlocked.  This is sadly easy access for an opportunist thief.

Follow our tips below:

  • Make sure your doors and windows are closed and locked when you’re not in the room. Nearly half of all burglaries are down to a door or window being open
  • Make sure nothing of value (including your car key) is left on show to tempt thieves into your property. 
  • Think about fitting a burglar alarm and security lighting – both to your home and outbuildings. It may be expensive, but they are very effective deterrents and can bring down your insurance costs.

Sheds, garages and gardens

Security of gardens and outbuilding buildings is often not your first thought. However, by making a few modifications sheds and garages, along with the equipment stored in them can be made more secure.

  • Make sure sheds and garages have good quality lock and hinges.
  • Consider fitting deterrents in the garden like movement sensitive floodlights as these will leave thieves feeling exposed. Likewise alarms on sheds and garages will deter thieves as they would not want to be spotted in out buildings taking property.
  • Garden tools, DIY equipment and leisure items such as fishing and golf equipment should be locked away in storage cupboards within outbuildings to form a second line of defence to thieves. 
  • Motorbike and pedal cycles should also be locked even when they are in a shed or garage.
  • To assist the police in recovering and returning stolen property, people should register valuables onto Cycles, golf and fishing equipment and tools can be easily added onto the property register and then this assists the force in identifying property as stolen/lost, bring offenders to justice and stop the items being sold via second hand stores. The system can also allow owners to upload pictures of unique items.
  • As well as protecting property in sheds and garages people can also stop thieves stealing plants by using heavy plant pots which will be less desirable to walk off with and ensure that unused garden furniture and tools are stored securely out of sight.

Protect your home while you are on holiday.

Don’t leave your house looking unoccupied

  • Mow the lawn before you leave so that it doesn’t look like a meadow by the time you get back.
  • Leave curtains and blinds open – nothing reveals that a house is unoccupied so much as curtains drawn during the day.
  • Cancel milk and newspapers and any other regular deliveries.
  • Ask a neighbour to remove free newspapers and post from your doormat if they can be seen through a glass panel or through the letterbox.
  • Install a light on a timer switch that comes on in the evening. If you are using a light on a timer, don’t use it with a table lamp that can be viewed through a window – it's a dead giveaway.

Keep your valuables safe

  • Keep valuables out of sight and don’t leave them where they can be seen through a window. 
  • If you conceal valuables in your home, avoid obvious hiding places such as your sock drawer or in a fake food can in the kitchen – burglars are wise to this trick.
  • Try not to leave anything you would hate to lose in the house while you are away
  • Given that most burglars are opportunists and their motive is generally to get in, get something of value and then get out as fast as possible, your intruder might be encouraged to leave after finding a fake hoard rather than turning your house upside down to find anything of real value.

Don't tell everyone you're on holiday

  • Don’t tell people outside immediate friends and family that you are going away or for how long.
  • Don’t talk about your planned holiday on social media - you don’t know who can read your comments, or who they will tell.

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