Protect your cycle

Over 100,000 bikes are stolen every year across the UK, help protect your bike:


  • Always use a good quality chain or D lock in towns and cities
  • Lock your bike in the most visible and populated area possible
  • Make sure what you're locking to is secure
  • Position your lock so it is awkward for a thief to attack
  • Lock, or take with you anything that can be easily removed - e.g. lights or quick release wheels
  • Insure and register your bike [Immobolise Property Register]
  • Make it easily identifiable
  • Take your lock with you when you ride.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your bike stolen - report it to us


Make sure you don’t buy a stolen bike 

Buying a second-hand bike? - Make sure it's not stolen:

  • Check the cycle for postcode security engravings and question the seller if the postcode does not match their address.
  • Ask for the buyer’s pack - original documents, receipts, tools and handbook, which came with the bike. 
  • Check the sellers knowledge of the bike, its size, make/model, who rode it, why they are selling, is their story credible? 
  • Checkmend - for a small fee you could see if it is registered stolen by checking any frame numbers or security engravings with the immobilise stolen database by visiting their website.