Protect your business

We know that you invest a great deal of time, money and energy into your business and it has a huge impact if someone breaks in and steals from you or causes damage.

But much as it’s a burglar’s business to try and find a way to break in, it’s ours to help you find the best way of keeping them out.

Here are a few tips and sources of more information on how protect your firm.

External measures

  • Make sure any service doors are always locked and secure when they’re not in use.
  • Invest in a monitored alarm and use it. For advice and approved suppliers of alarms and CCTV, visit the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) 
  • Invest in CCTV to cover any vulnerable areas. Digital 24-hour CCTV is highly recommended, as it provides good quality images. You can get advice on buying surveillance equipment from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.
  • Make sure that there is good lighting all around the premises.
  • Keep any bins and other materials secure and stored away from the premises, so they can’t be climbed on to gain access.
  • Maintain any nearby trees or bushes, so they can’t be used to provide cover for anyone trying to hide from view.
  • Look around for any weak points a burglar may target if they wanted to break in and explore how you can make them less vulnerable.  
  • Doors and windows are particularly vulnerable but there are products available which can deter break-ins. Visit Secured by Design for more information.
  • Consider investing in external shutters – but bear in mind you may require planning permission to have them installed.
  • Strengthen windows by using attack-resistant laminated glass in sturdy frames wherever possible. Alternatively, film can be applied to the glass to make it more resilient.
  • External bollards can be used to protect frontages from ram raiders but again, you’re likely to need planning permission.

Internal measures

  • Move high value items away from windows at night.
  • Try not to keep cash on the premises – including charity boxes – and always use a bolted-down safe with a time lock and anti-tamper sensors that trigger the alarm.
  • Keep stock out of sight wherever possible and keep your stock room locked.
  • Smoke-generating devices that go off on unauthorised entry create a smokescreen and help prevent burglary without damaging your stock.
  • Don’t leave keys on the premises and make sure that only designated staff have copies. Keep a list of keyholders who can be contacted in case of emergency.

Online measures

Modern thieves don’t have to break in to steal from your business – so make sure your digital assets are as well protected as your physical ones.

And this is equally as important for small business with everything on a laptop as it is for a large chain with multiple devices.

Further advice and guidance can be found within our Online Safety & Security section.