Property Identification Tools

To assist police in identifying stolen property, bring thieves to justice and prevent people benefiting from crime you should register property on, property mark valuables and download electronic tracking programmes on laptops or mobiles.

  • Immobilise is free to use and any type of property can be registered on the site and this includes the ability to record unique data such as serial numbers and upload photographs.
  • Immobilise is used by all UK police forces and registered second hand dealers to check if property is stolen or lost. If it is this assists in ensuring that they can be returned.
  • Property marking can help make property unique. This can be done by engraving, etching or using an ultraviolet pen to write your postcode and house number onto goods.
  • Tracking software and apps are available for laptops and mobiles which can help officers locate stolen property.

Download the Property Identification Tools leaflet for more information.