Policy and Procedure

A review of our current policies is presently being undertaken to ensure that they are suitable for publication. Therefore, if you require access to a specific policy, get in touch with us and a member of staff will look at the feasibility of disclosing the information you are seeking.

This policy and procedure seeks to outline the use and maintenance of Body Worn Video (BWV) devices as well as data handling. It gives guidance on legislation and shows how BWV promotes public reassurance.

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to enable the effective investigation of missing person’s enquiries and improve the recording process.

This policy and procedure outlines procedural guidelines in relation to 'property' (this does not refer to buildings or areas of land) in the Force. It incorporates Property Other Than Found (POTF), lost & found property; recovered evidence; seized items; detainee's property; property subject to disputed ownership.

This interim policy and procedure has been updated to represent the current legislation as well as local and national policies around the management of issues involved in the policing of sex work and prostitution including child exploitation through prostitution. 

The Confidential Reporting Policy has been devised to maintain public trust and confidence in the rule of law and to preserve the health, safety and welfare of members of staff. It is intended to encourage staff to expose any wrong-doings of  which they become aware in the knowledge and understanding that their concerns will be thoroughly investigated without fear of reprisal. It lays down procedures for enabling members of staff to disclose their concerns confidentially and promises support for them and any other person who takes part in the process of disclosure. It also sets out the responsibilities of those who receive such information. 

This policy and procedure outlines procedural guidelines in relation to the Police Victim Right to Review (VRR) scheme.

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This underpins a standardised reporting and recording process. It supports the identification and support of vulnerable victims of fraud. It establishes an agreed model for the allocation and investigation of volume and major fraud offences.

The full policy can be requested through an FOI request.