Police Cadets

Could you be a police cadet?

What our Cadets do

Police Cadets taking part in sessionsAs a cadet you will be asked to attend a two hour long lesson each week as well as committing to three hours volunteering per week.  

Our cadets have completed first aid courses, taken part in team building challenges and learnt all about different areas of policing from Crime Scene Investigation to Riot Training.Police Cadets painting over graffiti

As part of their volunteering they have also repainted a graffiti covered underpass in Grimsby, supported athletes at the Special Olympics, role played for police officer training, helped out with our Night Challenge and represented the force at community events.

When asked what he would say to someone considering applying, Alexander said it’s a “good way to meet people, raise confidence and develop all sorts of skills through fun activities.”

Katie said: “It’s fun, its enjoyable and you meet new people and learn things you didn’t know before.”

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Could you be a Volunteer Police Cadet Leader?

Humberside Police recognises that young people have an important part to play within their local community and the future of the police service. We are therefore committed to engaging with young people all over our force to make sure they have the opportunity to lead rewarding and productive lives.

Police Cadets taking part in sessionsThrough the Volunteer Police Cadets we work to let the voices of young people in our communities be heard, helping to shape not only their futures but also our own.

To help support the young people we work with we are looking to recruit Volunteer Cadet Leaders to help support the Cadet Units around the force.

We are looking for people over the age of 18 who can help us:-

  • Promote and encourage social action among young people
  • Provide the opportunity for young people to gain new skills and a practical understanding of policing thorough their experiences
  • To encourage leadership within young people and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship
  • Support local policing priorities through volunteering and give young people the chance to be heard
  • Provide support in Weekly Cadet Lessons and events

So if you think you have the skills to help young people in Humberside, want to give something back to your community whilst helping guide young people to shape their futures, why not become a Volunteer Police Cadet Leader?

The Volunteer Police Cadet Scheme works with young people from the ages of 15–19 to help give them an understand of policing if you wish to get involved in the scheme please contact the Community Safety Unit on 01472 721218 or email Cadets@humberside.pnn.police.uk to find out more.

Read about retired Police Officer Graham Benson - who is one of our amazing Police Cadet Leaders: [Graham Benson]

All Volunteer Cadet Leaders will be subject to Vetting Procedures.