Operation Galaxy

Operation Galaxy is our proactive task force comprising detectives, officers and staff from Major Crime, Roads Policing, Intelligence, Economic Crime, Police dogs and handlers and various other departments.
The team has been up and running since October 2019, targeting criminals across the Humberside Force area who are causing our communities the most harm.

From 26 May 2020 until Tuesday, 30 June 2020, the team have been expanded, with much more resource available and dedicated teams from across the whole force deployed to the operation, to tackle a wide array of criminality and ensure we keep the public safe.  

The remit of the team is much broader with specific areas of crime focussed on which include burglary, robbery and theft, often referred to as “Serious Acquisitive Crime”, protecting vulnerable people by targeting sexual offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse and disrupting and dismantling Organised Crime Groups linked to drugs supply and county lines.

The resources across the force who will be involved include the original teams plus, but not limited to, CID teams, Patrol, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, PVP, Roads Crime, firearms and the Marine Unit.

After the five weeks of intensive action by the expanded Galaxy team, it doesn’t just end there, Galaxy will continue in it's previous form executing warrants, making arrests and protecting the most vulnerable people in our society.

We are a force on the front foot determined and committed to tackling criminality across the Humberside force area, to ensure you, our communities, feel safe and protected, and that as always, will be our main priority.

Have a read of some the action and results via the links below: