Operation Galaxy

Launched in October 2019, Operation Galaxy is Humberside Police’s proactive task force.

It targets criminals across our area who are causing our communities the most harm, and is made up of detectives, officers and staff from various force departments - including major crime, roads policing and intelligence.

The team recently expanded to include additional officers and staff from CID, patrol, neighbourhood policing, PVP (Protecting Vulnerable People), firearms and more.

An intensified period of targeted action from Operation Galaxy during the second half of 2020 led to hundreds more arrests, warrants and charges for various offences including drugs, robbery, burglary, sexual offences and theft.

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Anderson said: “We are a force on the front foot and we are taking control of our streets and roads, making the lives of criminals and predators difficult and uncomfortable. We are determined and committed in tackling criminality across the Humberside force area, to ensure our communities feel safe and protected, as that will always be our main priority.”

Read more about Op Galaxy and its results below: