Online Safety and Security

As the internet becomes an increasingly intrinsic part of everyday life, online safety and security is more important than ever.

Staying safe online

We’ve created a number of articles and short videos – see below - that feature key advice for staying safe online.

Additionally, there are links to various other online resources from our partner agencies that highlight online threats and how to protect against them, and we’ll continue to provide updates on local, regional and national internet safety campaigns through our channels.

Together, we can help to reduce cybercrime and increase online safety for everyone.


Our online channels

Our own force website and social media channels are constantly updated, providing information and advice, and enabling us to share appeals, ask for assistance and say thank you to the public for helping keep our communities safe.

Please note that we have force-wide Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as channels for separate areas. We also have dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts that focus on Cybercrime in our region.

We encourage you to share relevant information we put out online through your own social media accounts, helping us to ensure that vital information reaches a wide audience.