What is TrackMyCrime (TMC)?

TrackMyCrime is a national secure website which provides an online tracking service for victims of crime by supporting officers in providing a quicker service to the public.

TrackMyCrime is a two-way platform which you will be automatically included in unless you say otherwise.

It allows victims to receive updates via email on the investigation of their case and exchange messages with the officer in the case. The service is very similar to that of Amazon, by offering a text message facility that notifies victims when there is an update available for their investigation.

It offers you as a victim of crime:

• Regular updates about the progress of your crime such as whether a suspect has been identified and what has happened to them
• Convenient access to the system whenever it suits you
• Secure service with the option for email and text notifications

So how does it work?

Upon reporting your crime you will be asked for your email address, we will then email you a link to the service. To log in you will need to input your date of birth, crime number and surname and from there you will have access to TrackMyCrime.

On the TrackMyCrime system you will be able to view and reply to messages from the officer dealing with your case.

You will be updated when new information comes to light such as a new suspect or someone being bailed or appearing at court. You can also update TrackMyCrime when you have additional information such as lost property and its details, potential witnesses and new evidence.

We will do our best to investigate your case but in some instances we have no leads to follow up once our initial investigation has been carried out. If this is the case we will not contact you again, but will update TrackMyCrime to let you know.

Our officers are dedicated to protecting Humberside communities and are not always available to respond to an update on TrackMyCrime right away, but they will aim to do so as soon as they can.

We have devised some FAQ’s, so please click here to view them

How can I access TrackMyCrime?

You can access TrackMyCrime by clicking on the link in your initial email or by clicking the link below.