Fresh appeal following arson attack

Grimsby: Can you help trace offender?

11 Sep 2015

A fresh appeal has been launched to trace the person responsible for trying to set fire to a house in Grimsby’s Park Avenue.
The incident happened on Sunday, September 6, at around 11pm near the junction with Lansdown Avenue.
It is believed a hooded man approached the door and poured a flammable liquid through the letter box, before trying to stuff through a lit rag.
Luckily, the occupant of the house spotted the rag and prevented it from being pushed through.
The offender then fled towards Weelsby Road.
Officers investigating the case said while such incidents were rare, it had posed significant danger to the occupants of the property and it was vital the offender was traced.
Ds Ian Potter said: “The offender will have returned home with possible burn injuries to their hands and face/head.
“It’s likely they would also have smelled of flammable fluids and I am confident someone will know who this person is.”
The suspect is of medium height, wearing a three quarter-length hooded coat, dark bottoms and light shoes. 
It is believed the liquid was in a petrol can, which was possibly carried in another bag.
Ds Potter added: “This type of incident is incredibly rare but posed significant danger to the occupant of the address on Park Avenue.
“I am appealing for any witnesses who saw anyone suspicious in the area around Park Avenue and Weelsby Road that evening to come forward. 
Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting crime reference number 2137045 of September 6. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111, or visit Cromwell Road Police Station.