Sneak-in burglary offences

We have had lots of recent reports of burglaries through open windows & doors

7 Jul 2015


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Following the very warm weather last week people can confidently say summer is here; unfortunately this historically results in an increase in homes being burgled as a result of sneak-in burglars entering through open windows and doors. 

Between July and August last year a third of all homes burgled were as a result of properties being left insecure (180 incidents). 

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kirby said: “Being a victim of burglary is deeply upsetting for the victims and their family. We want to see less offences this year, but need the public to assist us by stopping sneak-in burglars who target properties with open doors or windows.

 “In vast majority of cases the offenders are opportunists walking around residential area’s looking for possible insecure properties. I would therefore urge people to make sure that they always lock doors - whether they are in or not and day or night - and only keep doors or windows open in occupied rooms.” 

In June the force had reports of 58 sneak-in burglary offences in Hull, East Yorkshire, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire.

Examples of some of the recent incidents include:
Heneage Road, Grimsby – Crime Reference Number 2123635
Between 9am and 12 noon on Monday July 6 while the victim was out an unknown offender visited the address and entered the property through an unlocked rear door. Once inside they stole an Xbox 1, an Acer laptop and money.

Montrose Street, Scunthorpe – Crime Reference Number 2121558
Between 07.45am and 9.30am on Thursday June 25 while the victim was upstairs an unknown offender approached the house and entered through an open rear kitchen window. Once inside they stole the victim’s purse and its contents as well as her baby daughter money box from the windowsill.

Ilkeston Avenue, Goole – Crime Reference Number 2123172
Between 9.30 on Tuesday June 30 and 4.15pm on Friday July 3 a 75-year-old woman’s home was targeted by opportunist burglars. The woman had left her door open while gardening and left windows open due to the hot weather. It is believed the unknown offenders entered the address via one of these insecurities before stealing a large amount of money from a money box in the woman’s bedroom.

Egrom Lane, Withernsea – Crime Reference Number 2123182
At around 3pm on Friday July 3 while the homeowner was away an unknown offender visited the address and entered the property through a small unlocked rear window which had been left open for their cat. Once inside the offender stole a television.

Baden Close, Hull – Crime Reference Number 2122872
Between 9am and 11pm on Wednesday July 1 an unknown offender entered the property through an unlocked rear door before stealing a black Samsung laptop and a black slimeline Xbox 360 from the living room.

DCI Paul Kirby added: “Unfortunately, insecurities are like an open invitation for opportunist sneak-in burglars who only need a few seconds to grab property from your home.

“As a force we do everything possible to tackle the threat of these opportunist offenders with intelligence led targeted police patrolling, crime prevention and education activity in the community and disruption work with prolific offenders. However all this good work can be undone if people allow offenders into their home via open doors or windows – so please keep your home secure and keep the sneak thief out!” 

To highlight the dangers of the sneak in burglar view the Billy the burglar video.

The public also have a role to play by adopting good home security detailed on the Protecting your property  section of the police website, getting property registered onto so it can be identified/returned if lost or stolen and by calling Humberside Police with information about criminality. 

The public should call the police if they see people acting suspiciously in their community, if there is a burglary in progress or if they have details about those involved in criminality. This can be done this using 999 in an emergency, 101 in a non-emergency or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

As part of a Humberside wide Summer Burglary Campaign police are utilising existing and engaging content on social media channels and therefore we are encouraging people to:
•    Follow the @humberbeat twitter account and #HPburglary hashtag; and 
•    Like the Humberside Police Facebook page.