New Website Update

Improvements, glitches and fixes

21 Apr 2015

Hi to all users of our new web app. As with all new-build projects of this scale there have been teething issues. Here are some updates.

‘Sign in for updates’ – the updates function wasn’t working for a couple of days – it’s now up and running and updates are coming through. You’ll get an email with the headline of the story, the sub-head and a hyperlink to the content. Wherever possible the Communications Team will be adding a locator to the sub-head so you can see if the story relates to where you live, or your patch if you’re a journalist.

Navigation – this really relates to the desktop version of the new site – people seem happy with the smart phone performance. The desktop version has a parallax continuous scroll design. This is techie talk for…’you scroll down the homepage to see lots more content and the background moves with you’. This is nothing new in the web world but not many police or public sector organisations have used it so we think it may have confused initial users. We’ve changed the function of the static menu bar that sits on the left of the homepage…if you click on it now it will give you options for the headline areas of the site and when you select one you’ll zip up or down the homepage to that section.

Channel Shift – the online reporting function was taken down for a short time to make some fixes to the back end. They are done now and it’s up and running again. 

We're keen to make the site work for you so email any feedback through to Head of Corporate Communications James Newall