Welcome to Our New Website

Times are changing...

12 Apr 2015

This is our brand new web app and we are delivering it days before we launch our new operating model.

Our site is now an engaging, informative way in to the organisation that is completely responsive to whatever device you choose to view it on.

This launch is just the first stage of what we hope will develop into a community alert system and vehicle for reporting crime and tracking its progress.

The site does the following:

Gets you the answers you need quicker more than 40 per cent of all 101 calls are not actually police matters but people just don't know where to go to get the help they need - they do now. Before you call 101 on a non emergency matter check this site...you'll hopefully find the answer, whether it's parking, flooding, litter, noise nuisance or animal cruelty.

Gives you the sensible crime prevention advice you need the site is packed with handy tips to keep you and your property safe - so please have a look.

Channel shift you can already report very low level crime and hate crime online, along with making applications in relation to Sarah's Law and Clare's Law. If you want to thank an officer for a job well done or make a complaint online you can do that too.

Accessibility: You can find out where we are in the community every week, search for and get in touch with your local beat team and hop on to their social media platforms to chat to them.

A chance to get involved read our news, follow our campaigns, sign up for updates and help us find those wanted by police.

Openness and accountability information on what we do and how we spend our money has never been easier to find.