Day of Action

Scunthorpe: Taking to the streets to help make our communities safer and stronger

7 Mar 2018

Westcliff residents have been getting advice on how to keep themselves, their families and their properties safe as part of a day of action in Scunthorpe.

Our teams joined forces with Ongo Homes and Victim Support yesterday to visit people who have been victims of crime, offering them support and practical crime prevention tips.

(PCSOs Mike Gains and Leanne Howson)

Inspector Paul French said: “The event has been about us working with our partners and our communities to make them feel safe.

“It was great to see the real pride Westcliff residents have in their community and we are very much a part of that.

“We will do all we can to make these links stronger and to reassure those who live and work in this area that we are there when they need us and that we are committed to identifying those who commit crime and bringing them to justice.”

(Kathy from Ongo, PCSO Chrissie Williamson and Sally from Victim Support)

Helping residents and businesses to avoid falling prey to criminals was one of the main focuses of the event.

Insp French said: “Thieves are always on the look-out for easy targets and will take anything they think they can sell on, so our plea to you is to help us to help you and not to make life easy for them.”

Top tips include:

  •          Ensure your home is secure, with good locks on the doors and windows, which are left locked and the keys kept out of sight.
  •          If you have an alarm, make sure you use it. You could also consider fitting CCTV to deter thieves.
  •          If you do have high value items – or things that have significant sentimental value – consider storing it in a secure safety deposit box at a bank.
  •          Take photographs of jewellery, record serial numbers of electrical items and upload them to, so that if it is stolen and later recovered, we can get it back to you.
  •          Don’t leave cash, electrical items or other high value goods on display in your car.
  •          Make sure your vehicle is locked and the keys are kept in a safe place, out of sight.
  •          Park in well-lit, secure car parks where possible. If that’s not an option, avoid secluded spots away from street lights or where there are lots of trees or bushes.

(Jenny from Victim Support, Jack from Ongo and PCSO Charlotte Prendergast)

Claire Coyle, Housing Services Manager at Ongo, said: “We’ve taken a partnership approach to reducing crime and tackling antisocial behaviour, and we’re confident this will really make a difference in the area. We’re looking forward to seeing this project progressing with our partners Humberside Police and Victim Support to improve the communities that our tenants live in.”