Wildlife and rural crime officers track harecoursers in North Lincolnshire

Two Honda CVRs seized and three men from North West questioned on suspicion of Harecoursing

5 Feb 2018


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Thanks go to the farmers and community for pulling together with us to stop offences and to question those involved.

A number of farmers in the North Lincolnshire area came out to support Wildlife and Rural Crime officers on Saturday 3 February.

We received reports of harecoursers in the Ealand area of North Lincolnshire near Scunthorpe and officers conducting patrols in the area were deployed to search for offenders.  We saw around six men with dogs in a field who then ran from the scene.  With the help of local farmers we managed to stop three of the men and question them.

Their vehicles, two Honda CVRs were seized and three man from Blackpool, Stoke on Trent and Stourport were interviewed and will be summons to appear at court on suspicion of wildlife offences.

If you see anything suspicious or have information about those carrying out wildlife offences in our area please call us on the non-emergency number 101 to report your concerns.