Sweets stolen from car

Grimsby: Don't be a partner in crime

4 Jan 2018

Get 2018 off to a great start by making your New Year’s resolution not to be a partner in crime!

That’s our appeal to you today, following a spike in the number of vehicles being broken into in North East Lincolnshire by thieves who have spotted easy pickings left on display.

The number of thefts peaked in October, with 113 reported that month, falling to 103 in November and 69 in December.

Detective Inspector James Fairgrieve said: “Thieves are always on the look-out for easy targets and will take anything they think they can sell on, so our plea to you is not to make life easy for them by leaving things on show in your cars and vans.

“Even leaving valuables in your boot out of sight is not advisable – store them elsewhere.

“This message is nothing new – we all know how important it is not to leave cash, laptops and satnavs in your car - but it may surprise you that it’s not just high value items that can tempt thieves to break in.

“I have spoken to opportunist criminals who will break into your car for a few pounds or even a bit of spare change.

“In December we have also seen things like coats, cigarettes, wine, pyjamas and even a bag of sweets stolen from vehicles.

“I can’t stress enough how much misery, financial and emotional pain it will cause you if you don’t help us to help you.

“These thieves are opportunists and will take advantage of any chance they get. If they see something they think they will be able to sell they’ll go for it – whether that turns out to be something valuable or not.

“You could even end up with the expense of replacing your window or fixing other damage caused when they break in, all for the sake of leaving a bag of sweets on display.”

You can also reduce your risk of having your vehicle – or parts of it stolen – by making sure you leave it secure and thinking about where you park.

DI Fairgrieve added: “The best way to protect your vehicle and its contents from being taken is to ensure it’s securely locked and your keys are kept in a safe place.

“Criminals target obvious places like key hooks in kitchens and hallways and keys openly left on kitchen worktops.

“There are also things you can do to deter people from stealing your number plate or insignia from your bonnet.

“When you are out and about, try to park in well-lit, secure car parks. If that’s not an option, avoid secluded spots away from street lighting or where there are lots of trees or bushes obscuring it from view. Try and find the brightest and busiest areas you can.”

DI Fairgrieve is available for interview today (Monday, December 8), between 10am and 1pm at Grimsby Police Station.

To register an interest and book a time slot, please call 01482 578391 or email sarah.howson@humberside.pnn.police.uk