Weapons Surrender Update

119 guns handed in at stations across the police force area.

29 Nov 2017


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We took part in a national Firearms surrender for two weeks between 13-26 November.

We asked the public to surrender any weapons that they no longer wanted to have in their homes.  Weapons are often held in all innocence and ignorance of their illegality. Others may have been acquired and kept by criminal networks to harm their local communities.

The surrender gave people the chance to dispose of weapons or ammunition by simply taking them to a local police station and handing them over.  We are very pleased with the response.

During the two weeks from 13 to 26 November 2017 119 guns were handed in and dozens of knives, some fairly regular ‘kitchen’ knives but others much more sinister were also surrendered.

Temporary Detective Superintendent Joanne Roe of Humberside Police said, “I am very pleased with the amount of weapons and ammunition that has been handed in across the whole of the Humberside area.

“Taking these unlicensed weapons off the street avoids the risk of them becoming involved in criminality making our communities safer for everyone.”

“I want to thank everyone that handed in a weapon whether it was a BB gun, a knife or a rifle.  They have been very responsible and we can now dispose of them in a safe way making sure they won’t be used to harm anyone in our community. All the weapons that were handed in will now be assessed before being deactivated and destroyed.”