Use of force


Publication of this data is part of a national commitment made in January 2017 for all forces to collate and publish data on the use of force. The National Police Chief’s Council will publish links to different forces’ data via its website.

This is our first quarterly publication for the use of data.  Figures show that between April 1 and June 30 2017 we dealt with 62,437 incidents and made 3,921 arrests and force was used on 1,431 occasions.

The use of force includes applying handcuffs to a compliant person being arrested or instances where violence is threatened to a police officer or member of the public and the officer uses proportionate force to enforce an arrest.

An independent scrutiny panel, including independent members, monitors and scrutinises our uses of force and helps hold us to account, ensuring we are open and transparent on the methods we apply.

Should anyone feel that they have been unfairly treated then they can make a complaint via our online form