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20 Jun 2017

Superintendent Authorising Officer

We are pleased to be seeking the appointment of a Superintendent to fulfil the role of Authorising Officer who will have direct line management for the DCI Director of Intelligence. This is an exciting opportunity for a determined, motivated, dynamic and creative individual who will be instrumental in supporting the success of our organisation.

To Apply: [Apply here]


Police Officer Recruitment

We want to hear from any existing police officer who is wanting to make a move to our area.  We are currently seeking Police Contsables and Sergeants for Firearms, Road Policing & Detective roles.

You can find out all you need to know about transferring to Humberside Police by following this link: [Transfer]

We are not currently recruiting new police officers - Our next police officer recruitment campaign will run in 2018 - watch this space...

Fair Recruitment and Selection

Our recruitment and selection processes are entirely based upon merit. Those individuals who perform most strongly in selection are the ones who are offered positions working with us.

If you need more information then please email our dedicated team [CLICK HERE]