Man issued restraining order after 20 years of abuse

Hull: Don’t live with abuse, report it on 101

13 Mar 2017

A 64-year-old man from North Hull has been given a restraining order preventing him from harassing his neighbours following years of racial abuse. 

The local community policing team have been working with the victims for a number of years to tackle the problem but have never had the evidence to secure a conviction. However, the offender was recently identified on CCTV directing racial abuse towards a member of the family and this was used to secure a conviction.

The victims said: “We have been racially abused by our neighbour for over 20 years. This left us walking on egg shells whenever we went in the garden or doing tasks around the house. We are incredibly relieved and are hoping to have a much more peaceful life without abuse being shouted at us day or night. I would encourage anyone else suffering in a similar way to call the police or council and report it, because without their help this never would have stopped.” 

PC Carl Palmer from the community policing team said: “This man has caused a huge amount of distress to the family in recent years and I am really proud that we have managed to bring him to court. This is a life changing result for the family who can now feel safe again in their home.”